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The most stylish holiday combinations for couples! How to make a holiday combination?

We have combined stylish and stylish pieces for you, which will allow you to gain a harmonious look with your spouse during the holiday. How should couples dress for the holiday? What are the holiday combinations for couples? Here are the most stylish holiday combinations for couples.

The sultan of eleven months, which makes all Muslims around the world happy with his arrival and saddened by his departure, now leaves its place to Eid al-Fitr. The holiday came, where the children were cheered, the elders were visited, and the offended were reconciled. During the feast, which welcomes us after the fasting that is kept meticulously during the month of Ramadan, while the tradition of visiting is carried out, it is also important to keep the clothes new and clean. Not only women, but also men make an effort to look stylish for this day. Developing day by day, fashion continues to present its new collections. However, the depth and variety of products can be difficult to combine. We, as the Yasemin.com team, have created special combinations for the harmony of couples. In this way, you can create a common style with your spouse during the holiday and make your visits. Here are the most stylish holiday combinations for couples!


You will be talked about a lot with your elegance;

You will be talked about a lot with your elegance

While tonal tones dominated the trend lists this season, we combined earth tones with black and khaki. Leaving an innocent touch to its black nobility and courage, beige manages to apply itself everywhere with its simple and modest attitude. Earth tones, which follow the colors preferred every year from the top, can be at peace with every tone they take with them. It is an undeniable fact that a khaki sweater that is close to its own tone is both stylish and different with a white slim fit t-shirt. If you think about creating a combination close to these pieces we have combined, you can add small touches with the appropriate accessories and make your style speak. In addition, your style can reveal your difference during your holiday visits or a beach walk.

Find harmony in holidays;

Find harmony in holidays

Overalls have become savior pieces for women in these recent times, when we care about comfort. Jumpsuits, which started to be at the top of the trend lists, are among the most popular visual outfits of the stores with their colors and different design cuts. We dressed a black jumpsuit, which makes it easy to combine for the holiday, with a dark beige blazer. Of course, no matter what tone you use in the jackets, which are among the indispensable clothes with various color alternatives, it will ensure harmony with the pieces you prefer. While you’re wearing a stylish black overalls, your partner can combine a linen lapel shirt with an earthy-tone elasticated waistband. With this style, it not only achieves chic and comfort, but also provides color attitude. On the other hand, with appropriate accessories and shoes, you can be the most favorite couple of holiday visits by displaying an unusual stance as well as being modest.


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