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The secret of the sad Princess Charlene’s wedding dress with tears has been revealed!

The glamorous wedding dress worn by Princess Charlene of Monaco in 2011 draws attention with its wonderful design despite the passing of years. The curious details about the wedding dress of the princess, who cried even on her wedding day, surprised everyone.

world press “Sad Princess”what he called Princess Charlene of Monaco  Prince Albert of Monaco Her tears have not stopped since 2011, the date she married him. The young princess, who cries even at her wedding, often comes to the fore with the psychological and physical disorders she has been experiencing for a long time.



Princess Charlene of Monaco

Charlene, who is claimed to have imprisoned her clear and dazzling beauty in an unhappy marriage, did not return from a trip to South Africa for months and began to be treated in a clinic in Switzerland. After this process, which was kept very secret, the details of the wedding dress worn by the Princess in 2011, which fell into silence, emerged years later.



Princess Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert of Monaco

World famous fashion giant Armani’sThe wedding dress bearing his signature had a different design unlike the royal weddings.

Princess Charlene of Monaco wedding dress

Charlene, who was an international swimmer before her marriage, was carefully prepared to give proportion to her broad shoulders.

sad princess

Sleeveless and strapless wedding dresses were prepared by 3 tailors in 2,500 hours. 40 thousand Swarovski crystals and 20 thousand small and real pearls were used on the wedding dress. The wedding dress, which has recently come to the fore with the opening of the wedding season, gets full points from fashion lovers, even after years.

princess of Monaco

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