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They made a bag out of blowfish! It’s close to 1 kilo…

An entrepreneur living in Alanya district of Antalya started working to make shoes, wallets, bags and keychains from balloon fish. Those who saw were amazed.


Entrepreneur Mehmet Özata, who lives in Alanya, Antalya, to make shoes, wallets, bags and keychains from pufferfish within the scope of the Investigation of the Distribution Areas of Balloon and Lionfish and Possible Control Methods (BAYOMA) Project carried out by the Mediterranean Fisheries Research, Production and Training Institute. started working on it.

Apart from the metal accessory, the bag, which consists of the skin of 7 puffer fish, all weighing 1 kilogram, draws attention with its stylish and different design, while accessories such as wallets and key chains come with cell phone and computer cases if they pass electromagnetic field blocking tests.


Entrepreneur Mehmet Özata, who had the bag made, said that he was very impressed when he heard the news that a child in Iskenderun had broken his finger due to a blowfish bite in 2018 and that he was involved in the BAYOMA Project 3 years ago.

Özata stated that when they realized that the skin of puffer fish is a very high quality leather during their R&D studies, they started initiatives to use it in textiles,

“We started working on shoes, bags, wallets and key chains. When we were successful in this business, we also applied for a patent. Now we will make it use as a textile product. It was a very stylish and beautiful bag” he said.

”After 1 year, his skin is getting hard”

The leather master Adnan Uçmaz, who is engaged in the manufacturing business, pointed out that the skin of the fish is difficult to process and requires a lot of manual labor.

does not fly, “As long as the normal skin stays, nothing happens, but as far as I can see, the puffer fish hardens after 1 year. After we process it, it is better to harden. It is more comfortable for us to be soft before,” he said.

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