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The ever-evolving project was defined by this phrase when Zara Origins launched its first two collections for the winter and summer seasons. After two editions that allow experimentation within the collection, the third edition approach has evolved by naturally reinforcing Zara Origins, which will be supported by ‘limited edition’ seasonal pieces and offers year-round wardrobe essentials. To complement the new approach, creative agency M/M Paris designed an entirely new graphic identity. This included a new font and seven symbols or imagotypes that are present throughout the overall branding and appear on parts of the collection. These charts are presented as a visual system that categorizes the new structure of this project.

Antonio Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons” became the inspiration and music of the project during the design process of the new collection, which consists of timeless wardrobe pieces that offer styles that can be worn in all months. If Aphex Twins’ “Avril 14th” is the melody of the first edition and Bob Marley’s “Sun is Shinning” is the mainstay of the second edition, electronic music artist Aoki Takamasa also created the music for the third collection of “Autumn”. In the future, other contemporary artists will reinterpret each season through music.

To promote the annual collection and additional styles for the fall, Jamie Hawkesworth photographed the campaign and wrote a captivating 11-minute short film set in Tokyo starring David Scearce, Kazuya Tanabe, Shun Sugata and tattoo artist TAPPEI.

In the campaign, Japan offers a clean, carefully and elegantly designed background to highlight this collection, which has been refined with knowledge from previous editions but still retains its minimal silhouettes and patterns. A clever color palette of navy, black, grey, camel and white on high-quality fabrics such as leather, cashmere, alpaca and cotton.

This search for the perfect contemporary wardrobe has evolved organically into the homeware field. Zara Origins started out as an exercise in finding the ideal white tee or the best jeans and is now paired with equally refined lifestyle items such as glasses, flatware, fragrances and bathrobes across a wider range of products.

Zara Origins will be available on Zara.com and in select stores starting September 22, 2022.

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