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Top 10 Film and TV Fashion Moments of 2022

From Bridgerton to Euphoria, 2022 brought endless fashion moments on the big screen. When we start looking back at everything that has happened in the past months, we can reflect on the good things that have come out this year. Especially in the world of film and television, 2022 has really accelerated with the amount of entertainment given to us. It wasn’t just the TV shows and movies that stood out, it was the many fashion moments that helped make 2022 immensely memorable. From Y2K on Do Revenge to Bridgerton’s era styles, here are 2022’s best fashion moments in film and TV.

Top 10 Film and TV Fashion Moments of 2022

1. Bridgerton Season 2

2. The Kardashians

You might think we’d get tired of following the glamorous world of the Kardashians, but for some reason we gladly accept whatever they put before us. On their new show, The Kardashians, we get a glimpse into the world of high fashion that every family member has full access to. From Balenciaga to Prada, each division has honored us by showcasing the unique style each member brings to the group.

3. Do Revenge

It was impossible to watch Do Revenge and not appreciate the fashion aesthetic that dominated throughout the movie. From metallic mini dresses to pastel plaid uniforms and vibrant floral prints, every scene deserves applause for the unforgettable fashion moments it serves.

4. Euphoria Season 2

5. Inventing Anna​

6. Not Okay

In Not Okay, starring Zoey Deutch, the film’s wardrobe was a clear tribute to the fashion of the generation Z. TikTok inspired clothes, two-tone hair, beaded phone charm hanger, butterfly clips…

7. Don’t Worry Darling​

For some viewers, the best thing about Don’t Worry Darling was that it “feels like a movie”. For others, it was the ’50s-inspired costumes we just couldn’t get enough of.


The standout fashion moments in a movie about the late Marilyn Monroe were inevitable. While the film itself received mixed reviews, there was a consensus that the costume choices were nothing short of perfection.

9. Stranger Things Season 4

For a show set in the ’80s, Stranger Things did a great job of accurately portraying the versatile style of that era.

10. House Of The Dragon

While we’re not exactly rushing to get the first medieval dress we saw, no one can deny that the costumes in House Of The Dragon played a big part in the series’ success.

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