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Trench coats of the autumn season 2022! How to combine with trench coats?

Trench coats continue to be among the most preferred pieces by continuing their existence from the past to the present. The trench coats, which were launched with fabrics suitable for the season, became the favorite of the fall of 2022. We have compiled a few trench coats that will mark this fall. So, how to combine with trench coats?

Born in the 1820s with the need for a light, rainproof but sweatproof overcoat, trench coats were originally produced for army officers. That’s why, as we know, the traditional color of trench coats was actually khaki, not beige and its tones. Usage area of ​​trench coats used by fishermen and even hunters outside the army In the 1850s, even more expanded. These pieces, which are produced from more breathing and less sweaty fabric, have survived to the present day with the developing textile technology. Regardless of the season, trench coats, which are among the favorite clothes of almost every wardrobe, seem to never end in this journey with fashion lovers. Trench coats, which set a style for themselves according to the season, were also in the trends this fall. What about trench coats? combinehow to do

how to combine with trench coats


Trench coats, as always, manage to adapt to any environment according to style. Almost every combination suits itself, especially those in traditional design, regardless of classic, casual, vision and sports style.

trendy trench coats for fall

Therefore, you can wear trench coats, which are one of the saviors in outerwear, with denim clothes that reflect the casual style, with a classic or vision combination when you go to work hours, or even over your tracksuits that you will wear during your sports activities.

trench coat models

1- H&M: 1085474004 / 959.99₺
2- H&M: 1076487001 / 319.99₺
3- Bershka: 5020/352/428 / 549,95₺
4- Ipekevi: 0122400300300 / 250₺
5- Fossil: FES4343 / 837₺
6- Manuka: MC-1329-24 / 399,90₺
7- By hand: OTILIO-12 / 899,90₺

2022 trench coat models

1- Stradivarius: 01858859-I2022 / 899,95₺
2- Stradivarius: 02027022-I2022 / 399,95₺
3- Mango: 37004378-NEWMOM-LM / 559.99₺
4- Wesse: WWL104403 / 478,80₺
5- Bershka: 4254/669/712 / 299,95₺
6- By hand: CALINE-378 / 99,90₺

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