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What are the 2023 Autumn fashion trends? How to dress in autumn?

2023 Autumn fashion trends are preparing to take over both the catwalks, the streets and the wardrobes. In the new season, where colors and patterns come to the fore, it is possible to reflect elegance in comfort by breaking the mold. So, what colors are fashionable in autumn 2023? What are the 2023 Autumn fashion trends? Here are the details…

As we bid farewell to the energetic, dynamic and bright days of summer, September welcomes us with all its peace and serenity. In this beautiful month where new beginnings and new hopes flourish, nature’s color palette also takes on a unique appearance. The fashion world inspired by nature invites an innovative perspective to wardrobes with the autumn season. You can add sparkle to your look with unique autumn fashion tips that allow you to run from meeting to meeting in the office, relieve the tiredness of the week at a stylish dinner, or go for a long walk under the fallen leaves. Let’s take a look at the prominent trends in 2023 autumn fashion.


Autumn/Winter 2023-2024 When we take a look at the fashion shows, we witness that the creations of luxury and well-established brands that shape world fashion include soft, soft and light transitions with vibrant colors. In addition to natural tones such as beige, black, dark blue and brown, which are frequently used every year, colors such as brick red, pale blue, orange, yellow and green, which aim to increase the dynamism of the season, are also widely preferred in the collections.

autumn fashion

Especially red shines like a star among the 2023 fashion trend colors. You can give a chance to the magnificence of red, either from head to toe or with details.

Autumn fashion colors

While using these vibrant tones, which display an authoritative position in the color scale with their strong and burning energy, in your style, you can blend them with neutral colors and create a balanced look.

2023 autumn colors


We can see that autumn fashion, which invites warmth to autumn days, is based on a strong and comfortable female profile. A warm, friendly and assertive style is revealed in the new season trends, which combine comfort with sharp lines.

Autumn fashion trends

One of the standout pieces of this season is suits. This trend, which frequently emphasizes the harmony of bell-bottomed trousers and blazer jackets that took off like a storm in the 70s, invites elegance and comfort to the streets.

2023 autumn fashion

At the same time, the harmony of jacket and skirt is highly appreciated this season, as well as the harmony of jacket and trousers.

Jacket and skirt combination

White shirts, a timeless piece, bring a new breath to wardrobes with every fabric and model. You can create a classic but effective look either as a silk oversize top or with shirts worn under round-neck sweaters.

White shirt combination

Autumn means yellowing leaves and fragrant flowers! You can include all kinds of floral patterns, whether sequined, colorful, pale or applique, in your clothing choices this season.

floral patterned bag

This year, as in every season, capes are taking center stage in our wardrobes as one of the indispensable pieces. In addition to capes, which are famous for their many patterns and colors, you can also try ponchos.

Cape and poncho combination

Large and colorful shawls, which have become the saviors of cool autumn evenings, are one of the most popular details of this season. If you are going to choose pieces that stand out in colors such as black or white, you can enrich your look with colorful shawls.

Knitted large shawls

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