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What are the most beautiful invitation combinations? The most stylish new year combinations

With the elegant and striking effect of timeless pieces, you can show your elegance in every environment you enter with only a few days before the new year. We have compiled for you the combinations that blend the most special pieces to suit every body structure, age and style. Here are the wonderful new year combinations that everyone will talk about you all year…

As we approached the last days of 2022 step by step, the exciting atmosphere of the new year was all around. We want to spend pleasant times with many activities in this special time, where we leave our best experiences behind and embrace hopeful days with our loved ones. On the cold days of December, we can make travel plans to routes we have never seen before, whether we can play board games with our family at home, or have dinner with heart-warming conversations in a stylish place. No matter what kind of plan we make, it is our common desire to welcome the new year as we will feel ourselves in the best way. Let’s reflect the classiest and most eye-catching way of saying hello to 2023 on your look.


The new year means new dreams, maybe a new you… To make a clean start to 2023, you can leave the usual habits aside and give a chance to a fresh look. This is the right time to forget about being humble and take risks. Thin heels, sparkling dresses or a small leather bag can be the trick of this look.

New Year’s Combinations


A dynamic and vibrant red sequined dress will be a unique choice for those who want to take risks. Crew neck, sequin appliqué Zara mini dress can help you showcase your assertiveness. The red shiny leather Gianvito Rossi brand shoes, which will become an indispensable part of the wardrobe for many years, will allow you to capture an integral perspective in the combination. To continue the red line from head to toe, you can choose a small red handbag from Stradivarius. We recommend that you do not use accessories in such an assertive combination. On the other hand, a tight ponytail and ‘no make-up’ will suit this combination very well.

New Year’s Combinations


If you want to say hello to the new year with a more classy and stylish combination, the nobility of black will be exactly what you are looking for. The first thing you need for this combination, where accessories are at the forefront, will be a straight-cut, draped jumpsuit. Although the Mango brand sleeveless and long jumpsuit has a casual look, you can instantly achieve an original result with a silver colored belt with stones belonging to the same brand. You can choose cuff earrings with waterway stone detail, which belong to the Koton brand working with Ece Sükan, without ever straying from silver stones. When choosing a bag, how about a special piece that every woman will admire? Beaded and tasseled metallic crossbody bag belonging to the Pull&Bear brand can be the key to being noticed in every environment you enter. By making a more classic choice about shoes, you can ensure that your accessories do not get in the way. For this, a black thin heeled patent leather stiletto of the Newtwork brand may be suitable. If you want to use this look, definitely use your hair in one direction, towards your right or left shoulder. Thus, the sparkle of your earrings will not stay in the background.

New Year’s Combinations


If marginal styles have become your sine qua non, another suggestion is to give the magnificent harmony of purple and green a chance. Trouser-jacket suits, which have become the first choice of those who are bored with dresses or overalls, offer comfort and elegance together. Zara brand long sleeved, piping front jacket and high waist satin purple trouser jacket suit will be a great choice at this point. Green hologram shoes with high platform heels from Jabotter Lorena can add difference to your set. To reinforce the harmony of purple and green, you can choose a rectangular green handbag from Elle and complete this look with 6 purple rings from the H&M brand.

A LITTLE NOTE: If you want to reflect the colorful world of purple and green on your style, you can highlight the beauty of your eyes with the liquid eyeshadow of the Rival Loves Me brand!

New Year’s Combinations


Of course, we did not forget those who want to be home in the new year! You can examine the new year collection of the LCW brand for a beautiful combination to accompany your movie nights with your family and friends at home. “Today I Choose Joy” You can complete the printed red pajama set with the Twigy brand gray and red detailed slippers. Finally, Tahtakaledım brand velvet, with a red bow buckle, you can also “I chose joy today”It’s easy to say!

New Year’s Combinations

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