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What are their body types? Dressing suggestions according to women’s body types

For women who don’t know how to dress according to their body type, shopping can seem like a chore. Knowing what body type you have in order to create a stylish and comfortable combination will make your shopping easier. So what body type do you have?

Nowadays, many women choose clothes that do not suit their body type. If you want to have a dazzling look with the clothes you choose, you first need to know your body type. Thanks to this information, which allows you to make the right decisions when choosing clothes, you can put together stylish pieces much more easily. Therefore, the only thing women need to know before dressing is what body type they have. Pieces that can adapt to every body type are generally long shirts and jackets. You can also make combinations suitable for hijab clothing with these pieces. So, you a rmut, t ers triangle, D rectangle, k um time, to diamondAnd he val Which body type do you have? As Yasemin.com team, we have dressing suggestions suitable for your body type.


female body types

  • Pear shape body type;

The upper body of women with this body type is smaller than their legs. It has a long, thin neck as well as thin ribs. Women with a pear-shaped body type can make a difference by choosing clothes that reveal their slim waist. They just need to avoid very tight clothing. You can draw the focus of your look away from the lower area with colorful or printed t-shirts, and make your lines look much softer and more comfortable with skirts and trousers with gathered belts. Among the pieces you should avoid are printed and light-colored or gathered trousers. The fabric of the trousers you wear should be as fluid as possible. for trousers You can choose dark colors. When choosing tops that fit you, make sure that the blouses and jackets are long. In this way, you can create suitable combinations for hijab clothing.

female body types

  • Inverted triangle shape body type;

If your body type is an inverted triangle, it means your body proportions are ideal. T women with triangle shape body type g It has broad shoulders and a normal waist structure. For this reason, we do not recommend clothes that float too much for women with an inverted triangle shape. Instead of wide-shouldered jackets, you can choose skirts and trousers with patched pockets and flared downwards. Clothes with low belts also add balance to your look.

female body types

  • Rectangular shape body type;

Women with equal upper and lower body proportions generally have a flat and thin bottom. If you have a rectangular body type, you can choose t-shirts that are not too tight for your upper body. In addition to making your neck look thinner, especially V-neck clothes, asymmetrical hems give you an elegant look. If you prefer straight cuts, you can look like fashion icons with a jacket or shirt combination.

female body types

  • Hourglass shape body type;

Women who have an hourglass shape with a small bone structure should use contrasting belts… The hourglass body type, for which smocked clothes would be appropriate, can also accept low-waist trousers. Staying away from bright colors and choosing plain colored clothes will give your combinations a much more stylish look.

female body types

  • Diamond shape body type;

Women with a diamond body shape have thin shoulders but a tough appearance. The diamond body type, which resembles a pear shape in character, is a much more curved version of the pear body type. Women with this body type have thin upper bodies. If you have this body shape, it would be a beneficial choice to stay away from trousers with details on the back. You can revitalize your jacket preference, which becomes looser downwards, with shirts. But our main advice to you would be to stay away from pleated skirts, colorful and bright tones.

female body types

  • Oval shape body type;

If you have this type of body shape, you should be careful to wear long shirts. For your upper body, V-neck clothes will make your neck look thinner, and keeping the neckline thin and small will add a nice unity to you.

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