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What is barbiecore style? How to make Barbiecore combination 2023?

The pink clothing trend that has come from the 50s to the present has now entered the collections under the name ‘Barbiecore’. Barbiecore style, which was almost never preferred for a period, will experience its golden age in 2023. So what is Barbiecore style? How to make a Barbiecore combination? Here are the Barbiecore combinations we recommend for you…

The fashion traces of the past have already begun to show themselves for the year 2023. In addition to the fabrics and designs used, the colors that left their mark on some periods also infiltrated the collections. Lately, “So choked” While we did not dare to combine with the same colors in order not to encounter such a fashion term, what we have seen now shows the opposite. Pink clothes, which were among the unforgettable street styles of the 1950s, appeal to the new era with the ‘Barbiecore’ trend. World-famous brands also decorate their windows. It is predicted by fashion icons that the Barbiecore style will bring a golden age for 2023. Alright What is barbiecore style? How to make a Barbiecore combination? Let’s take a look at the Barbiecore style combinations we recommend for you.


The vibrant pink color, which is associated with the Barbie doll style, first attracted attention in the collections of the Italian fashion giant Valentino. Famous model Hailey Bieber, who wore a Versace signed dress, stated that her style was inspired by Barbie. Bieber completed his outfit with platform heel boots.

lcwaikiki kimono pants suit pink

LC WAIKIKI / Shawl Collar Long Sleeve Kimono (S2M337Z8-Pink): 899.99 TL

LC WAIKIKI / Elastic Waist Comfortable Fit Trousers (S2M363Z8-Pink): 599.99 TL



After Bieber, this trend showed up at major award ceremonies such as the MET Gala. Influencers quickly adapted to this trend.

You can combine the color like this cotton candy with shades of yellow, orange, green, purple and blue.

Hulya Aslan

QOOQ UP / Jacket and Pants Set Pink

Don’t ignore accessories;

Betul Gedik

If you dare to use pinks together, you can choose your accessories to complete your combination in the same tones and catch a striking style in street styles.

barbiecore jacket pant suit

1- ZARA: FUCHIA | 8483/579 / 1,199.00 TL

2- ZARA: BEIGE PINK | 3564/223 / 499.95 TL

3- ZARA: FUCHIA | 8475/579 / 799.95 TL

4- LC WAIKIKI: W2J259Z8 Powder Pink / 166.50 TL

5- ZARA: BLACK | 1110/010 / 849.95 TL

barbiecore pink blouse and skirt suit

1- ZARA: raspberry | 9479/243 / 799.95 TL

2- ZARA: raspberry | 9479/286 / 599.95 TL

3-   ZARA: BLACK | 1026/810 / 1,999.00 TRY

4- VICTORIASSECRET: VS26134397 / 2,579.00 TL


barbiecore pink tracksuit set

1- DE FACTO: W1240AZPN46 / 299.99 TL

2- DE FACTO:V2700AZPN46 / 199.99 TL

3- LC WAIKIKI: W24828Z8 Beige / 169.99 TL

4- DE FACTO:W0571AZWT16 / 349.99 TL



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