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What is lime green? How to combine with lime green? Lime green combination suggestions…

Store windows began to illuminate for the year 2023. The fashion world gives place to single and bright colors for the new season. After the Barbiecore trend, lime green now has the sole say in street styles. So what is lime green, how to make a combination?

The fashion world has completed its preparations for the new season. Fashion giants, who usually design their collections on a single color, offer brighter colors as well as the softness of autumn. The change that fashion undergoes in each season breaks all taboos against tones that cannot be worn with the idea of ​​’attracting too much attention’. As influencers quickly adapt to seasonal changes, street styles first adopted the barbiecore style. These pink outfits from the past also brought lime green with them. This green, reminiscent of an unripe lemon, can make you the courage of the streets. So how to combine with lime green color? For the convenience of fashion lovers, we have suggested a combination with lime green. Let’s take a look at these beautiful combinations together.

Hulya Aslan

QOOQ STORE / Pleated Tulum Oil: 1,899.00 ₺


Lime green, also known as grass green, with a predominance of yellow, is created by mixing 75% yellow and 25% green.


manuka green combi

1- MANUKA: M-2387-09 (Jacket) / 829.90 TL

2- MANUKA: M-2446-397 (Turtleneck) / 219.90 TL

3- MANUKA: M-2397-09 (Pants) / 499.90 TL

4- MANUKA:MC-1281-09 (Bag) / 379.90 TL

5- MANUKA:MS-1044-09 (Socks) / 99.90 TL

You can keep your combination with green together with harmonious colors that are in the collections every season.

lime green combination suggestions

1- LC WAIKIKI: W2GQ03Z8 – LME – Green Plaid / 449.99 TL

2- LC WAIKIKI:W2H908Z8 – QZM – Light Green / 259.99 TL

3- LC WAIKIKI:S2LV97Z8 – STK – Light Yellow / 299.99 TL

4- H&M: 90s Baggy High Waist Jeans / 439.99 TL

5- DEFACTO: Y7703AZGN6 / 199.99 TL

6- LC WAIKIKI:W2EI33Z8 – QX4 – Medium Yellow / 49.99 TL

7- H&M:Platform Chelsea Boots / 699.99 TL

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