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What is the glitchcore trend? How is it applied?

While it is an inevitable fact that everything we watch lately shapes fashion, TikTok, which has a large user base, adds new fashion terms to our vocabulary.

Having a wide user network in the last few years, TikTok has rolled up its sleeves to change the perception of fashion. B u social media app added the word ‘ Glitchcore’ , which means ‘glitch, short-term error’ to the fashion dictionary, while the clothing By playing with the pixels of our preferences, it puts the error of colors on our lives.


Glitchcore trend that greets the 2022 Spring/Summer season especially appealing to Generation Z , the millennium error known as Y2K on TV screens that they couldn’t experience in the 90s and 2000s, this time comes to light on our clothes. And yet, many world-famous clothing brands are in a race to add these designs that appeal to the new generation to their collections.

The millennium error known as Y2K on TV screens

Carrying the color error emphasis on different pieces of fabric Glitchcore , marks the trends of the fashion world. With the development of technology, the adaptation of everything in our lives to the digital age was also reflected in the clothing designs. This trend, which has become a favorite of designers, imitates television and computer pixels.

Glitchcore leads the fashion world

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