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What is the Vanilla Girl trend? How to make Vanilla Girl style? How to be a Vanilla Girl?

The Vanilla Girl trend, which has influenced social media platforms, emerges as a brand new trend that emphasizes an elegant, clear and impressive beauty. If you want to reflect this trend, which aims to be striking and assertive with a natural look, to your style, be ready to listen to our recommendations! So what is the Vanilla Girl trend? How to make Vanilla Girl style? How to be a Vanilla Girl? Here are all the details…

Fashion styles, which open the door to a rich world with colorful textures, patterns and colors with the changing trends every season, are wreaking havoc with a brand new perspective. Shelving flashy and complex styles Vanilla Girl movement has become the representative of comfortable fabrics, heartwarming colors and comfort. With this trend, which symbolizes that vanilla is not just a scent or a taste, it invites the soft energy of vanilla to our style. So how do you become a Vanilla Girl? Let’s take a look at the necessary information for the Vanilla Girl look that has influenced the whole world.


Emphasizing a natural, clear and simple beauty Vanilla Girl According to the trend, it is necessary to leave behind all the exaggerated and glittering details. In this trend that brings the inner beauty to the fore “succinct”You can easily adopt the philosophy.

Vanilla Girl

In this trend, where elegance is aimed with details, you can create a clean look with both make-up, clothes and fragrances.

Vanilla Girl trend

According to the Vanilla Girl trend, which offers a practical solution in daily life, you can look pretty without the hassle. For this, first of all, as the name suggests, you should include color tones such as cream, beige, white and ecru reminiscent of vanilla tones in your style.

Vanilla Girl trend

According to this look, in which the monochrome style stands out, you should avoid choosing clothes that make you feel tight and uncomfortable. Instead, you can create an exquisite look with loose sweaters, cargo pants, sneakers and pieces that will not restrict your movements in any way.

Vanilla Girl clothing style

Linen pants and shirt sets or satin dresses can be suitable pieces for the Vanilla Girl movement. At the same time, make-up should not be exaggerated in this look, which is enriched with bucket hats.

Vanilla Girl style

At the same time, knitted sweaters, velvet textures and Ugg boots will be a very good choice for the winter months.

Ways to be a Vanilla Girl

One of the must-haves of the Vanilla Girl trend will be transparent sunglasses and accessories that do not strain the eyes. If you wish, you can give a chance to the tricks of the Vanilla Girl trend with pearl earrings and necklaces.

Vanilla Girl accessories

In addition, light-colored bandanas, minimal accessories and flowered hairpins will also be suitable for this style.

Vanilla Girl style

You should definitely include vanilla, which is the basis of this trend, in your style! You can make your final touch with vanilla scented perfumes.

vanilla perfume

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