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What was fashionable in the 2000s? How about 2000’s fashion? 2000s fashion trends

When you look back at the history of fashion, you can see that crazy trends, styles and fashion sense shine like a star all around, from television screens to magazines, with the millennium. When we look back on the 2000s style, which has become especially popular with Hollywood celebrities, many different details draw attention. So what was fashionable in the 2000s? How about 2000’s fashion? Here are the answers…

Although it may seem like yesterday to some when the 2000s are mentioned, it can feel strange to see how quickly the years pass. In the 2000s, shedding light on the millennial madness, a brand new perspective, from music culture to the colorful world of the media, entered our lives. The 2000s, which brought about a radical change especially in the fashion world, represent a bright period in which colors and patterns were used abundantly, unlike the loose trousers, comfortable sneakers and large hoop earrings of the 90s. Are you ready to discover the fashion of the 2000s, where t-shirts worn layer by layer and striking accessories are at the forefront? Let’s take a little trip together to the recent past.


When we think about what was fashionable in the 2000s, some names that left their mark on those years come to mind. We can say that Paris Hilton, known as the fashion icon of the 2000s, is a woman of the 2000s. When we take a look at the old photographs of Paris Hilton, whose bright and vibrant colors are frequently used, we can learn about the fashion of the 2000s.

Paris Hilton

One of the most striking things in the 2000s style was the dresses that were worn over jeans. These dresses, which acted as a tunic, were sometimes supported by belts or boleros.

2000s fashion

Boleros, which are frequently preferred with dresses, t-shirts and blouses, have become one of the indispensable parts of our clothing style in this period. It is not possible to think of the 2000s without boleros that serve as half sleeves, especially in dresses with rope hangers.

Bolero combination

The fashion of the 2000s, in which low-waisted trousers and long denim skirts are also on the rise, continues to be influential today. Especially long denim skirts, blouses and shirts catches an exquisite harmony.

long denim skirt combinations

At the same time, the loose trousers that have been in fashion recently are also a reflection of the 2000s fashion.

2000s fashion trends

Velvet tracksuit sets, one of the trends of the 2000s, played an active role not only at home but also in street fashion.

2000s fashion trends

Not to forget the translucent sunglasses and thin scarves, which are one of the essential parts of the 2000s fashion!

In winter, colorful hand-knitted berets shaped the fashion of the 2000s.

2000s fashion trends

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