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What’s in the November 10 collection? November 10 design sweatshirts…

For November 10, which is declared as a national mourning every year in memory of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and first President of the Republic of Turkey, who died on 10 November 1938 at 09:05, the stores presented their 10 November collections to their guests. In this collection, there are sweatshirts designed with different meanings. Here are the design sweatshirts we have compiled from some brands for you…

The values ​​that Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who passed away at 09:05 in the morning on November 10, which was declared as national mourning, contributed to his country and nation are not forgotten. Mustafa Kemal Pasha is commemorated with a moment of silence accompanied by sirens at 09:05 on the morning of 10 November every year. As in every sector, the fashion world did not miss this special day. Some brands, which have made a name for themselves in the world, have released their November 10 collections in their aisles. In this collection, there are sweatshirts designed with meaningful prints that are especially suitable for the season and that you can wear at any time. Brands such as LC Waikiki and De Facto have already completed all their preparations. Here are a few sweatshirts we have compiled from the November 10 collections for you and their prices…

10 November Atatürk Commemoration and National Mourning Day


Sweatshirts showing the time of Atatürk’s death are generally preferred in the November 10 collections, where stores sell almost nothing every year. Expressing the date of birth and death with the infinity emblem on the bottom of the clock symbolizes that the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, will be passed on to future generations and will not be forgotten.

In addition, the brands we discussed in our news offer the pieces in their collection not only to female guests but also to male and child customers.

What’s in the November 10 collection

QIVI / 3550237033255: 299.90 TL

LC WAIKIKI / 0WBN82Z8 – CVL – New Black: 149.99 TL

lcw baby girl 10 november

LC WAIKIKI / S1EA52Z1 – FFB – Optical White (Baby girl): 129.99 TL

lcw 10 collection women

LC WAIKIKI / W1HR77Z8 – CVL – New Black: 189.99 TL

LC WAIKIKI / W1HR79Z8 – CVL – New Black

lcw november 10 collection men and youth

LC WAIKIKI / W1KL63Z8 – Q6K – Buxe White: 143.99 TL (in basket)

LC WAIKIKI / 9WJ183Z8 – CVL – New Black: 189.99 TL


lcw 10 november collection women’s sweatshirts

LC WAIKIKI / W1HR75Z8 – HPM – Red: 189.99 TL

LC WAIKIKI / 0WBN77Z8 – CVL – New Black: 149.99 TL

lcw baby boy and girl sweatshirts

LC WAIKIKI / 0WDL96Z1 – CVL – New Black (Baby Boy): 129.99 TL

LC WAIKIKI /0WG751Z1 – CVL (Baby girl): 89.99 TL


lcw and de facto november 10 sweatshirt models

LC WAIKIKI / W1HR76Z8 – EEW – Ecru: 209.99 TL

DE FACTO / W4903AZRD286: 199.99 TL

lcw girls november 10 collection

LC WAIKIKI / 0W5732Z4 – HPM – Red (Girl): 129.99 TL


de facto november 10 collection

DE FACTO / T3644AZRD286: 149.99 TL

THIRT-HANE / 10 November at 09 05 Printed Gray Women’s Sweatshirt (N11): 249.90 TL

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