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Which are the most beautiful sweater models of 2022? How to combine a sweater?

While the new sweater trend takes place in more modernized street styles in a cool and elegant line, our task should be to combine it in its best form and add it to our wardrobe if we love it. So, which are the most beautiful sweater models of 2022? How to combine a sweater?

In general, in the winter season, we mostly go to sweaters, cardigans and sweatshirts. Now, besides these pieces, the indispensable sweaters of the 90s are included. When you think of sweaters, don’t think of the sweaters that were worn over the jerseys during school years or that our grandparents wore to protect themselves from the cold. If you want to get away from the ordinary and create your own unique style, it is definitely one of the trending pieces of the season. you can give sweaters a try.Women’s sweater models, which attract great attention due to their easy combinability, are frequently mentioned with their eye-catching colors and patterns.


You can use shirts, which are among the most trendy combinations today, especially with a colorful sleeveless sweater. It is highly appreciated when combined correctly, or open tunic shirts that you can wear under a checkered sweater will help you display a pleasant stance. Colors such as white, beige, ice blue, baby blue, pastel yellow, powder pink are especially popular. In addition, you can choose the trousers you will wear under them in similar tones as the shirt and you can get a great fit.


In general, if the sweater is colored and patterned, both in closed clothing and in other styles, it is preferred that the products to be worn under it or the bottom clothing products are plain. In addition, you can create a unique look by mixing different patterns and display a contemporary and pleasant stance.

vesna Kübra

You can combine women’s sweater models, which can be used together with different pieces such as trousers, skirts, and tights, with an elegant and modern dress.

You can use a plain and monochromatic dress together with colorful sweaters, and you can add a unique touch to your combinations with moving accessories. You can get both different and stylish combinations by wearing short or long sweaters over your clothes.

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