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Women’s fashion that has changed since the foundation of the Republic!

Clothing, which affects the lifestyles, cultures and social ethical values ​​of societies, also creates the internal dynamics of the society. That’s why we touched on the women’s fashion that has changed since the foundation of the Republic, on the occasion of the 29 October Republic Day. Here is a 10-year fashion period from the Republic to the present day…

In today’s clothing styles, it is possible to see the traces of the past from time to time. In this case, fashion was also a worship of repetition, with the term ‘change’ representing. With people starting to live together; He developed himself by being influenced by the customs and traditions of societies, wars, feelings and thoughts, various arts and sports activities. Especially since the establishment of the Turkish Republic, there have been many changes in the clothing culture. The fashion, which progressed in parallel with the social development, entered a new structuring process since 1923, when the Republic was proclaimed.


Fashion Between 1923-1930

  • Between 1923-1930;

The War of Independence, which started after the defeat in World War I, enabled women to work in the status of workers and civil servants en masse for the first time. With the law enacted in 1925, the dress reform was realized and the clothing style of western countries was adopted. Thus, geometric patterned-cut dresses, short sleeves, blouses, bodices and colorful strings of pearl beads and huge flared hats became the trend of the world fashion. In addition, the era of fast dressing has begun.

Fashion Between 1931-1940

  • Between 1931-1940;

In 1934, the understanding that kept women in the background before the law about voting and being elected, which was granted to women, came to an end. In this period, she took her place in business and social life as the first female headman, the first female engineer, and Atatürk’s adopted daughter, the first female pilot. While these firsts were appreciated around the world, the country’s clothing fashion spread throughout the country with the tabloid press.

However, the economic crisis in the 1930s kept fashion from its heyday. Despite this, the designers produced according to the conditions of the period.

Clothing styles began to be widely categorized as day-night in this period. Black dresses with white sleeves and collars were very popular for the daytime. Chiffon scarves were prepared for parties on top of the dresses, fur-rimmed caps and long jersey gloves up to the elbow were attached to these outfits.

Due to the crisis, luxury and elegance were replaced by simplicity. Women lengthened their short skirts with tape and fur, and they adapted to the fashion of the period. The same procedure was done on the collar and sleeves. The arms were straight from the shoulder to the elbow, and continued to expand from the elbows to the wrists. The woman of the 30s also took a new shape.

Between 1941-1950

  • Between 1941-1950;

The Second World War, which started in 1939, also indirectly affected Turkey. Fashion productions enjoyed widespread success in the 1950s, when all class distinctions disappeared during this period. Due to the fact that fashion went side by side with the war, small accessories such as hats, shoes, gloves, socks and even handkerchiefs were also affected by the war, after clothes such as coats, skirts, blouses and dresses that matched the color of the military uniform.

Between 1951-1960

  • Between 1951-1960;

The military coup that took place in the 1960s affected the country’s politics as well as its fashion. Parkas and boots integrated with safari clothing formed an informal military wear habit. Skirts worn by women became wider, flared skirts, pleated or pleated skirts, and oblique skirts with godet lower parts were used. It was made oblique for traveling and used heavy silk or wool crepe faux fabrics for skirts. Sweaters with a high turn-down collar, fake two-pieces, usually pleated models, plain, elegant, comfortable clothes that do not fit the body too much were used on a daily basis.

Fashion Between 1971-1980

  • Between 1971-1980;

Randomly colored clothing arose during this period. This style of clothing was called “GLAM ROCK” and was adopted by many rock bands.

Fashion between 1981-1990

  • Between 1981-1990;

Democracy was once again interrupted by the military coup in 1980. In this period, fashion designers entered a period of repetition in fashion inspired by the 60s. Narrow body, slim waist, loose skirts, shorts and bermudas and draped swimsuits were used. The appearance of skirts in the lamp was also in this period. Fabrics consisting of geometric patterns with thin and thick lines and longitudinal thin lines attracted attention. Checkered fabrics were preferred for daytime clothes. In addition, velvet and jersey fabrics became the trend. Glittery, sparkling fabrics and shiny stones were used in the clothes.

1990-2000 Fashion

  • Between 1990-2000;

During this period, the opening of the Istanbul Fashion Fair, the first fashion fair in Turkey, was witnessed. World Ready-to-Wear Congress was held in Istanbul.

With the spread of pop music between the 90s and 2000s, pop clothes came to the fore. Pop outfits consisted of very simple t-shirts and jeans. leather coats; it was also used in chiffon, lace and prints. In addition to these, African patterns and Chinese embroidered bright fabrics were also used. The millennium debates that emerged in the 2000s also added sparkle to clothing. The clothes became shiny, and clothes resembling space suits with precise lines became fashionable.

  • 2001 and After;

In the 2000s, women preferred more ostentatious outfits with stones, sequins or metal staples on top of everything. Metal accessories typical of the millennium were used on shirts, coats, trousers and skirts. Especially thin or thick metal belts were used as accessories.

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