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World brands made their 2022/2023 Autumn-Winter promotions!

World-renowned brands excited fashion lovers by introducing their 2022/23 Autumn-Winter Collections. Designers now prioritize a more voluminous and feminine look. Here are the highlights of the 2022/23 Autumn-Winter collection…

The designers prioritize the feminine look in this fall and winter collections. With design details such as corset dresses, student forms, nostalgic tweeds and gilets, fashion reminiscent of the past also shows that it is in a repeatable forum. Designers of world-renowned brands, turning their seemingly disadvantageous repetitions into an advantage, especially reflecting the traditional look of the past, presenting this year’s autumn-winter collection by including more shabby, voluminous and feminine details. Here is the 2022/23 Autumn-Winter collection of world famous brands…


school season

  • School season in fashion;

Tie fashion of the 2000s is back. It was among the pieces that would not only be in school clothes, but would also attract the attention of all fashion lovers. With white shirts, pleated skirts, blazer jacket suits, plaid patterns, long socks and moccasins, you can capture an iconic style in school corridors, not on the street.

corset hourglass fashion

  • Hourglass fashion with corset;

Now, corsets, which took them to the 50s and 60s, are among the trends again. Inspired by the “Regency” period of the 19th century and popularized by Bridgerton’s backing, corsets represent more power as well as aesthetics today.

puffer trend

  • Puffer trend;

Whether you’re on winter break or not, the fashion world is ready for cold days. Puffer skirts or dresses, teddy coats and trousers are among the leading pieces among the 2022/23 Autumn-Winter collection…

The Puffer trend is not just about clothes. He stole the hearts of fashion lovers with his titles. Although these headdresses, which have become fashionable since last year, seem to belong mostly to women who wear hijab, they have a structure that can appeal to all segments.

biker jacket fashion

  • Biker jacket fashion;

Many world-famous brands have added motor jackets to their collections. The indispensable leathers of the Autumn-Winter season are thus ready to enter the wardrobes in a different concept.

nostalgic tweed fabrics

  • Nostalgic tweed;

The fashion world again gives place to fabrics that leave the inspirations of the past. The 2022-2023 Autumn-Winter season provides a sophisticated look with mostly tweed fabrics. This texture, which we miss, has already settled in the showcases of popular brands in its most colorful and radiant form.

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