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1 October International Day of the Elderly: The secrets of staying young

When 1 October World Elderly Day is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is heart ailments associated with old age. However, 10 percent of patients who have had a heart attack today are young people under the age of 45.

Take care of heart health

About 20 years ago, heart attack was seen in patients over 60 years old. Nowadays, irregular diet, inactivity, technology captivity have reduced the age of heart attack to under 45 years old. In fact, we have been witnessing that young people have had a heart attack and lost their lives lately, and heart attack ranks first among health problems with 42 percent in our country. The relationship between old age and heart health was re-discussed on October 1, World Elderly Day. Cardiology Specialist Prof. Dr. Özlem Esen emphasizes that heart disease is no longer a disease of old age and that it is necessary to pay attention to heart health from a young age. “Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. One of the things that should be done in order to be protected from cardiovascular diseases and to have a young and dynamic body is to stay away from cigarette consumption. Cigarettes increase the life expectancy of young people by an average of 15 years. A great responsibility falls on this issue. Individuals who meet smoking in the family at an early age become addicted at a young age. The life span of an individual who has never met smoking is 2 times longer than an individual who smokes,” said. underlines that excessive consumption of confectionery, bakery products, animal (saturated) fats, industrial food containing corn syrup makes the heart age 30 years old

“fit old age” for quality old age

In order to have a healthy and high-quality old age, it is necessary to make some changes in lifestyle. Stating that old age is not retirement from life, Esen said, “It is possible to be active in daily life with simple exercises without being a member of any gym. You can take a walk by using the walking tracks around your home or you can spend this process active with simple exercises” .

Regular nutrition keeps the heart age young

In order to keep the heart age young, it is necessary to consume plenty of vegetables and fruits. Make room for olive oil in your diet instead of fats, fish and turkey instead of red meat.Stay away from processed foods such as sausage, salami and sausage and most importantly, make room for protein, carbohydrates and vitamins in your meals in a balanced way.

Time to move now

indifference is coming. While modern life keeps us from moving, inactivity directly affects our heart health. prof. Dr. For a healthy heart, Özlem Esen recommends walking for about 1 hour at a moderate pace at least 3 days a week. He advises us to take actions that will add more movement to life, such as walking to nearby places and using stairs instead of elevators during the day. “Blood pressure decreases with exercise and the risk of heart attack decreases thanks to the happiness hormones secreted during exercise” Esen stated that everyone can have a healthy old age with investments to be made in youth.

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