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21 day rule to get rid of bad habits

We have many habits, good or bad. Especially when you want to change a habit, you may have heard the saying “21 days will pass if you are patient” So why have you ever thought about 21 days? Let’s learn together!

In how many days does the brain learn?

Twenty-one days is enough time for the brain to learn and adapt to new habits. If you do the same movement for twenty-one days, your brain will get used to it over time and try to do it regularly. For example, remember when you first learned to drive a car. I am sure that you forgot many movements that you do now automatically, such as signals, looking left and right. This was because you were just learning about the experience. But as you repeat the experience as you go to the course and continue to take lessons, your brain got used to it and it made it unforgettable.

Stability is essential

Whatever you start, the important thing is to have willpower. You did the habit you wanted to gain regularly for the first three days. You quit on the fourth day when everything was going great. In such a situation, the most logical thing to do would be to start over. Do not give up! Focus on the habit you want to achieve and don’t stop striving for it.

Conscious and subconscious harmony

Unfortunately, just being stable is not the only solution. Let’s take it the other way around this time. Think of a habit you want to quit, not one you want to gain. For example, let’s say you’re trying to quit smoking. Maybe you have enough willpower for this, but if you have positive thoughts against smoking in your subconscious, sorry your will will not work on its own. You need to develop negative perspectives against the habits you want to get rid of. “I want to quit smoking because it negatively affects my social life. It hurts me, my body. You should produce judgments such as “I will be happier without it”. By doing this, you will have achieved a consistent balance in your conscious and subconscious minds.

21 days to the fullest!

You have taken the big step. Now you are on your personal development journey. Remember, you are here to get rid of your bad habits and gain new ones! First you prepared your mind, now it’s time for your movements. Think about your goals for 21 days and strive for it. Your brain will turn these positive experiences into a habit. Well then it’s time to act!

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