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3 tips for you to recognize fresh avocado right away!

1. Do a pressure test

Pressure testing is one of the most effective ways to identify a fresh avocado.

To do this, hold the fruit with the entire palm of your hand so you can apply light pressure evenly. Ripe, fresh fruit should flow slightly, but should never be pitted.

If the fruit is already mushy, you should definitely keep your hands away from the fruit without squeezing it more, as it is already ripe.

Hard avocados are also not suitable for consumption, but you can still buy them and let them ripen at home for a few days.

2. Examine the stem

The base of the stem also reveals a lot about the ripeness of the avocado.

If it looks fresh and is green in color, it is an edible fruit.

If it is already brown or even black, unfortunately that avocado is bad and should not be eaten.

3. Pay attention to the shell

Also take a close look at the avocado skin, does it look intact or are there any visible bruises? If there are bruises, your avocado is probably spoiled.

Although the color of an edible avocado may vary depending on the variety, you should be careful if it is spotted or uneven in color. Factors such as bruises, brown spots, cracks in the core may be signs that the avocado is no longer edible.

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