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7 steps to follow for pink gums

How often do you care for your teeth? When you do not spend enough time on oral care, it seems likely that you will encounter undesirable results. Expressing that oral health does not consist of oral care and gum diseases, Dt.Kökdemir said, “Research shows that there is a serious relationship between oral health and our general health.

Prevent dental problems

Untreated cavities or gum problems can lead to pain, self-confidence problems and tooth loss. These problems cause malnutrition, speech problems, and other difficulties in a person’s work, school, or personal life.

People can prevent these problems with proper dental care, both at home and in the dental clinic. Dt.Pertev Kökdemir made 7 recommendations that can keep teeth and gums healthy.

1. Brush your teeth regularly.

2. Use dental floss once a day.

3. Don’t neglect your dentist examination.

4. Do not smoke.

5. Use mouthwash.

6. Cut down on sugary foods and starch.

7. Drink plenty of water instead of sugary and acidic drinks.

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