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A few minutes of exercise a day prevents depression!

Exercising significantly reduces the risk of depression

At the same time, depression research is making greater strides than ever before. Today, we know how we can have an influence on whether or not we develop depressive disorders, sometimes small. Our lifestyle affects our soul. They found that each additional physical activity during the day made a small contribution to reducing the risk of depression. per day only 20 to 25 minutes of strenuous exercise increases the risk of developing depression.percentage Reduces by up to 20!

Sport has been proven to affect mood

Researchers evaluated movement data from people who participated in a large-scale data collection in 1970.

Among the participants were 4,738 people suffering from depression.

The researchers were now able to investigate to what extent and with what regularity these 4,738 people moved compared to non-depressed study participants.

They found that depressed people spent more time sitting or lying down, slept longer, and exercised less through physical activity than non-depressed participants.

Data modeling then suggested that even small behavioral adjustments could reduce the risk of depression.

Changing your daily rhythm, such as exercising 18 minutes more instead of sleeping longer, or exercising 21 minutes more instead of sitting longer, reduces the risk of depression by 20 percent.

Psychological effects of sports

In addition to the long-term positive effects of regular exercise and sport on mental state, physical activity has other benefits.

Exercising in the fresh air is good for the head and lungs.

Exercising with lots of people at the gym can help fight loneliness, and happiness hormones brighten mood during exercise.

Training successes and small victories over the weaker self can also make you happy and satisfied.

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