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An outrageous statement from the food critic Vedat Milor! “There is no raw meatballs in Istanbul, all…”

Vedat Milor, who is often mentioned with his comments about the food, made a statement that would cause a stir. With a video he published on social media, he ignited the discussion of raw meatballs and vicious.

He is a Turkish lecturer and a food critic. Vedat Milor is frequently on the agenda with the statements he made on his social media account. Milor signed an event that shook the agenda with the video he shot. to Milor, who says raw meatballs are ‘barren’ Mehmet Kamar, Secretary General of the Raw Meatball Producers AssociationHe reacted.


Vedat Milor, who showed the raw meatballs in the video he shot, came to the fore with his words. Milor, this isn’t raw meatballs, it’s barren! “If you don’t tell the truth, if I don’t, how can we get better if he doesn’t? Country cuisine like this can only go backwards and we get stuck in vicious debates about kokoreç or kokoretsi.”said.

Vedat Milor cheesecake controversy

After the video, Mehmet Kamar, Secretary General of the Raw Meatball Producers Association, expressed his comments on the subject as follows: “We saw Vedat Bey’s statement and we were frankly surprised. I don’t know where Vedat Bey consumes raw meatballs. A raw meatball that is consumed these days. We produce commercial raw meatballs. We deliver this flavor to all over Turkey and even to the world. This flavor has now become an indispensable part of world cuisine. Anatolian cuisine has now turned into world cuisine.”

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