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Aren’t you tired of looking strong?

Family and Marriage Counselor Serhat Foreign for those who have to look strong…

Did you grow up in an insecure family?
Or were you exposed to an unhealthy relationship with your parents?
Have others in your family always been portrayed as bad and insecure?
Are you allergic to being weak,
looking needy,
Are you allergic to asking someone for something?

You are not a bad person,
You are not a misfit or loveless person.
Just a little worried,
You’re someone who can’t get a little too vague.
Your way of healing your wound is putting salt in your wound.
the care and love you need,
the help you need to relax;
You refuse to look strong. You act like you don’t need it at all.
When you run away from emotion, you also know that you need it the most.

Take off your mask now!
Be yourself,
Be sad when appropriate, cry.
Say I’m weak,
Say I need you.
Stop catching up with everything.
Anyway, everything happens even if it’s not 4/4.

Your life; Don’t waste your worries and their odors to silence

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