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Ata Demirer, who lost 30 kilos, was surprised! The famous comedian remained crocheted

Famous comedian Ata Demirer, who we know with his extra pounds, became an event on social media with his weight loss. Explaining how he lost weight in a program he attended, Demirer shared his meltdown day by day on his social media account. The weak states of the famous comedian, who attracted attention with his shares, were showered with comments.

The 49-year-old Ata Demirer is very popular with his new movie ‘Bursa Nightingale’. The famous comedian became the center of attention on social media with the weight he lost. Demirer, who was 140 kilos for a period, said goodbye to his old appearance by losing 30 kilos. While the final version attracted a lot of attention, the last frames of the famous name shocked everyone.


Famous comedian Ata Demirer, who lost a lot of weight by cutting food, posted a picture of him with Şener Şen on his Instagram account.


It was not overlooked that the famous comedian, who announced that he had lost 22 kilograms in the past months, got even weaker in his last share.

Many social media users commented on Ata Demirer, who received acclaim in his final form. You’re great, “I couldn’t recognize you, you’re officially melted”, “Have you lost weight”, “You’ve lost a lot of weight, my brother, but we will miss your old sympathetic ways too.. love”, “You’re well lost, good luck”, “Ayyy, you’re great, I’m a fan of your weight loss. I am 65 years old, I hope I will watch you for many more years in good health and enjoyment”made comments like


Demirer told how much weight he lost and what kind of path he followed in the program he was a guest of before.

ata demirer lost 50 kilos

“I LOSE 22 KG”

Demirer, who is on the agenda with the movie Bursa Bülbül, which will be broadcast on January 13; “I lost 22 kilos in 4-5 months”said. “I did not consume carbohydrates at lunch and in the evening, I fed directly on meat – fish, that is, protein. I walked for 45 minutes in the morning. It turns out that I have a problem with gluten…”made the statement.

Ata Demirer lost 22 kilos


About the news that she lost 50 kilos “They said nonsense”Says Ata Demirer, “I am not 50 kilos overweight, who should I give 50 kilos to? I am against stomach surgery. God forbid, you know how to take out a neighborhood from the house, then I will be. There are those who have stomach surgery for beauty. He’s doing it for 20 kilos because his head is fat. I lost 17-18 kilos, but there is no need for stomach surgery, I lose it when I hold my chin a little bit”had spoken.

ata demirer latest post

Famous comedian Ata Demirer had been in seclusion for a long time to work on new films. Demirer followed a strict diet while working.


It was seen that the 49-year-old player lost a lot of weight. Demirer took this frame “I am paying”shared with the note.

Here is the frame Demirer shared on Instagram;

Enjoying the sea and the sun in Bozcaada, Demirer received birthday messages from his followers as well as “Mashallah”, “How did you lose weight?”, “You are definitely better”, “The weight is great”There were lots of comments.

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