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Attention, those who eat the meat of the sacrifice!

Specialist Dietitian Burcu Kırbaç compiled the things to be aware of about qurban meat for the readers of womenvekadin.net. “Sacrifice meat should not be consumed on the same day. The situation we call ‘Rigor Mortis (hardness of death)’ seen in freshly cut meat; It can cause negative consequences such as digestion and indigestion. At the same time, when we cook this meat, it can be seen that it is cooked late. Sacrifice meat should be rested in the refrigerator for 24 hours and consumed as such. Sacrificial meat should not be stored for more than 1 year. If we are going to consume it later, it should be made into small portions and thrown into the freezer or freezer.”

Make sure the meat is fully cooked!

“Since red meat has a high fat content, extra fat and lard should not be added. Red meat is also high in cholesterol. Frying and roasting method should not be preferred. Cooking methods such as oven, boiled, grilled should be preferred. Salt should not be added. Meat should be kept at least 15 cm away from the fire while cooking in the barbecue to prevent the formation of carcinogenic substances. Since raw or undercooked meat also poses a risk for infectious disease, we must make sure that the meat is fully cooked.”

“Besides meat, foods containing vitamin C should be preferred”

“Red meat is a type of meat with a high iron content. In addition to red meat, calcium-containing foods that prevent the absorption of iron in our body; Yogurt, ayran, tzatziki and kefir should not be preferred, foods containing vitamin C, that is, increasing iron absorption, should be preferred. Freshly squeezed fruit juice at home, homemade lemonade, a green salad with lemon or vegetable dishes with olive oil should be preferred. Since red meat is also high in cholesterol, daily red meat intake should not exceed 120 grams for women and 180 grams for men.

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