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Autumn warning for allergic patients

The respiratory system, starting from the nose, consists of the nasal passages, tonsils, trachea, bronchi and lungs. Changes such as leaf shedding with the turn of the season, mold spores and weed pollen increase with precipitation, and the proliferation of dust affect the respiratory system. However, some changes to be made in the home and other living areas may make it possible to avoid allergies.

Congestion may be a symptom of nasal allergy

Since the air we breathe is primarily supplied by the nasal passages, allergy problems may arise during seasonal transitions. Nasal allergies, one of the most common diseases in society, are called allergic rhinitis. This disease, which manifests itself with a continuous runny nose like water, nasal congestion, itching and sneezing attacks, may increase even more with the increasing amount of pollen, especially in humid and windy weather.

Beware of autumn allergies

With colder weather, precipitation increases, mold spores and weed pollens increase with humidity. These pollens, which continue from late August to mid-November, play an important role in autumn allergies. If the patient has complaints such as sudden and barking cough, crowing on breathing, dry cough and shortness of breath, lower respiratory tract allergies should be suspected. If the complaints recur every year, allergy test should be performed to confirm whether other members of the family have allergies or not.

Diagnosis and treatment of allergies

Many patients can confuse flu and pollen allergy during seasonal changes. When it is determined by allergy tests that the disease is caused by pollen, unnecessary and incorrect antibiotic use can be prevented. After the contact of patients with long-term complaints with the allergen; If there is itching in the nose, throat, ears, sneezing in the form of crisis, runny nose, cough, wheezing, shortness of breath, an allergy test must be done to make a definitive diagnosis of the disease.

Organize your life according to allergens

– People with allergies need to protect themselves according to environmental factors when the autumn season comes. During these periods, the use of cigarette smoke, exhaust, perfume, bleach and softeners should be avoided as much as possible,

– Living spaces such as homes and workplaces should be ventilated frequently,

– Dust and mites that cause allergies should be removed from the environment with vacuum cleaners with special filters,

– Waste filters should be used for pollen, mold and other particles in the environment,

– Bedrooms It should be ensured that it is not damp and damp, parquet floors should be used instead of carpeting in the rooms,

– Clothes, bedding, duvets and pillows should be washed above 60 degrees,

– Cat in the house, Pets such as dogs or birds should not be fed,

– Cotton clothes should be preferred instead of woolen clothes and coats,

– Windows should be closed early in the morning when pollen is heavy

– Shower should be taken every evening, especially hair should be washed.

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