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Avicenna’s dry cough prescription! What is the best cough syrup?

One of the most important doctors of the Islamic golden age, Ibn-i Sina or “Avicenna”, also known by his other name, is frequently referred to his prescriptions or recipes suitable for diseases. His prescription for dry cough, on the other hand, gives incredible results. This cough syrup cure of Ibn-i Sina is frequently researched. What is the best cough syrup? Here is the recipe of Ibn Sina, the father of early medicine, that cuts dry cough like a knife…

Dry cough is the spasmodic expulsion of air from the lungs. Cough occurs as a result of some conditions in the upper respiratory tract, and this can last for days. The reason for the coughing attacks that are uncomfortable is Increased virus cases occur as a result of conditions such as the common cold. This situation, which disturbs sleep and reduces the quality of life, becomes disturbing after a while. It brings with it many troubles such as irritating coughs that do not go away, expectorant and h The solutions to cough, which causes a state of irritability, are quite simple. So what should be done for a cough that does not go away? What is the cure recipe of Ibn Sina’s irritating cough? It’s all in the details of the news…


Avicenna, one of the most important doctors of the Golden Age and who has 40 works in the field of medicine, has been brought to the present day by taking his works as an example for centuries and being taught in schools. While the recipes he gives are a cure for the disease, this cure he wrote in the field of cough can be useful for his crises. Thanks to this cure written by Ibn Sina, the feeling of tickling, dryness or phlegm in your throat can disappear. In order to avoid an adverse reaction or allergic condition, you should consult a healthcare professional.

Here is Ibn Sina’s cough cure and preparation:

Flax seeds are roasted a little over medium heat. Roasted flax seeds are then kneaded by adding honey. After kneading, it is kept for a while with the help of a jar. The mixture is recommended to be consumed especially when coughing starts. It is swallowed with a teaspoon in the morning before coughing.


Another useful method for your cough is black pepper tea. Black pepper tea triggers sputum flow. With the honey you put in the black pepper, you can soothe the cough. This cure mixture, which has the nature of natural antibiotic, is often preferred when coughing.

Prepared with a teaspoon of freshly ground black pepper and one or two tablespoons of honey, this cure is first added to the cup with black pepper and honey, and after the two are mixed together, boiling water is poured over it. It is left to infuse for 15 minutes. After brewing, it is filtered and drunk.

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