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Be careful when buying bread

Saying that additives have an important place in the formation of cancer according to the data of the World Health Organization, Faculty of Health Sciences Dr. Faculty Member Jale Çatak said that additives are used for reasons such as providing a beautiful appearance in bread, bleaching, increasing the volume, ease of processing the dough, prolonging its life and delaying staling, increasing durability and making it cheap. Stating that materials that are protective, increase function or durability are used, Çatak said that bread with additives can be understood by applying pressure and paying attention to its color and pores.

Apply pressure to the bread

Noting that white bread is usually empty, Çatak, “Additive by pressure application When we apply pressure to white bread, we apply very little force and the bread regains its former shape very slowly. However, when we apply this to whole grain bread, it is more difficult to apply and we need to apply more pressure. When we apply pressure to whole grain bread, it recovers much faster. This is one of the most basic methods applied. When we tear off the inner part of the white bread and squeeze it with our palms, it becomes dough, which means that there are additives in these breads” .

Beware of very white or very dark brown bread

If the bread has an unusual white color, use bleach. Noting that it was established, Dr. Instructor Member Çatak, “As the interest and demand for white bread decreased, the interest in brown bread increased. Thus, some colorants, additives or substances such as malt flour and cocoa allowed to be added are added to white bread and brown bread is added to white bread. “Natural and permitted malt flour can be added, but in fact the consumer is deceived. Today, our society is now aware that white bread is unhealthy. Consumers do not want to consume white bread because they know it is unhealthy, they buy brown bread, but they consume ‘dyed white bread'” .

A food we consume regularly

Pointing out that we need to buy bread from known and reliable places, Dr. Jale Çatak said: “Malt flour is an additive that is allowed to be used in roasted flour and bread; however, since it contains chemical components such as acrylamide and hydroxymethyl furfural, it has a toxic effect when it is taken into the human body in the long term and in high amounts. Considering that it is consumed regularly and excessively throughout the day, the severity of the damage it causes cannot be underestimated. it should be a natural brown”

When cut, there should be pores

Çatak is one of the important criteria Stating that one of them is the examination of the internal structure of the bread, “Bread What we need to see when we cut a hole is a perforated and spongy structure. This is the structure that should be seen in natural and healthy breads. We do not always see the same thing in white breads” .

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