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Benefits of Blue Butterfly tea

Blue butterfly pea, which has been very popular recently, is obtained from the flower of the blue butterfly vine that grows in the mountainous regions of Thailand. Frequently used in China and India, this tea is also very effective in alternative medicine.

Its color is a mesmerizing blue, but when this tea is mixed with any acid, it reacts and changes its color. For example, if you squeeze a few drops of lemon into this deep blue tea, you will observe that its color turns pink and purple.

Benefits of Blue Butterfly Tea

  • This tea, which is very rich in bioflavonoids, even when consumed alone, ensures the skin to be refreshed and the hair to gain vitality.
  • 1 cup of blue butterfly tea relieves stress and helps you relax.
  • Butterfly tea also has effects that help weight loss. It contributes to the burning of fats and is edematous.
  • Blue butterfly tea, which has pain-relieving properties, is also known to be good for constipation.
  • It is known to relieve sinusitis, lower blood pressure, expectorant and good for vascular occlusion.

You can consume blue butterfly tea with ice cold or drink it hot. You can prepare a stylish presentation by adding some milk to its cold state.

How to Brew Blue Butterfly Tea?

Add 2 teaspoons of blue butterfly ivy flowers to 1 glass of hot water and let it brew for 5 minutes. If the color is too dark and the taste is too strong, you can add a little more hot water. If the tea you brew is too much, you can pour it into ice molds and fill them and add them to your soda or water and drink whenever you want.

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