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Beware of acoustic trauma when using headphones!

If the sound coming out of the headphones is not very loud, it does not harm the ear, but at very high decibels such as 4 thousand Hertz, acoustic and loud noise-related traumas may occur.

ENT Specialist Op. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi shared important information about hearing loss due to loud noise and the use of headphones.

Sound in the normal range does not cause hearing loss

Stating that the device called a headset is actually a simple speaker, ENT Specialist Op. Dr. Ali Rahimi said, “If the sound coming out of this speaker is not very loud, there is no case of damaging the ear. Acoustic trauma and trauma due to loud noise occur at very high decibels. People cannot tolerate that sound and cannot listen to music that loud. Therefore, listening to loud music cannot cause any hearing loss within normal limits. Loud noises that can cause hearing loss cause acoustic trauma. Conditions exposed to these acoustic traumas; gun explosions, the sound of aircraft taking off or working in noisy iron and steel factories. Hearing loss can be prevented if headphones that cut off the sound are used while the exposed situations occur.

Soft earplugs should be preferred for children.

ENT Specialist Op. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi said, “However, it will be healthier if the use of headphones takes place after the outer ear formation of the children is completed. It doesn’t matter whether it’s wireless or wired for ear health. It has not been stated until this time that these headphones bring serious diseases in terms of health. However, since the anterior wall of the outer ear wall is the jaw joint, it would be more beneficial not to use earplugs that would restrict or damage the jaw movements, and if possible, it would be more beneficial to prefer headphones with softer heads.

Kiss. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi recommends using soft-headed earphones for children and not sharing earphones with other people if there is a fungal infection in the ear.

Headphones disrupt external ear canal discharge

ENT Specialist Op. Dr. K. Ali Rahimi states that hearing loss can be seen at only 4000 Hertz, but it is not a frequency that is used very much. However, exposure to loud noise can cause reverberation problems in the future.

“People who are exposed to frequency loss due to high noise have a tinnitus problem in later ages. Plugged earplugs disrupt the flow of the external ear canal. Thus, earwax cannot flow out easily and accumulates inside.” Op. Dr. Rahimi states that the more dangerous thing is the use of ear sticks.

If the earwax attached to the earpiece cannot escape and becomes blocked, you should be examined by an otolaryngologist. The most important situation when using headphones is a fungal infection. If the fungal infection has infected the earphones, no one else should use the earphones. Headphones that close the pinna and do not block the canal can be used.”

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