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Beware of pool infections

Swimming is one of the most enjoyable activities of the summer months. Although it is much more convenient for health to choose sea water for swimming, swimming pools can also be a good alternative to meet the need for cooling. However, the hygiene of the pool chosen for this enjoyable activity is very important. Otherwise, it is possible to catch many bacteria, viruses or fungi, various infections. Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist Opr. Dr. Yaren Tuba Bektaş talks about the most common problems faced by women during the summer months.

The most common problems faced by women in summer; bacterial vaginal, fungal and urinary tract infections. Because the hot and humid weather causes more sweating and more frequent fungal infections. The fact that the pool water is not clean, the amount of chlorine and staying with a wet swimsuit after swimming also increase this risk.

Vaginal yeast infections

Vaginal yeast infection that women frequently encounter, especially in summer, changes in the balance of some bacteria and fungal cells in the vaginal flora develops with it. When this balance changes, proliferation occurs in yeast cells called candida. Thus, a vaginal yeast infection occurs, which manifests itself with severe itching, swelling, discharge and irritation. These infections, whose symptoms can be reduced with drug therapy, also have a risk of recurrence.

For protection;

– If possible, the sea should be preferred instead of the pool,

– You should not stay in wet swimsuits after getting out of the water,

– Cotton underwear should be preferred,

– Excessively tight and tight clothing should not be worn,

– Daily pads should not be used, underwear should be changed frequently,

– Showers should be taken before entering the pool and after exiting the pool.

Urinary tract infection

Pool water that has not been cleaned properly can cause urinary tract infections, especially in women. Burning sensation during or after urination, frequent urination, feeling of constant urine, groin and lower back pain, cloudy or smelly urine are among the symptoms of urinary tract infection.

For protection;

– Plenty of fluids should be consumed,

– Urine should not be retained,

– Toilet cleaning should be done from front to back,

– For swimming in the pool, quiet hours without crowds should be preferred.

Bacterial vaginosis

Bacterial vaginosis, which is more common than fungal infections, affects one out of every two women, especially in the summer months. Bacterial vaginal infections, which cause complaints such as itching, burning and stinging sensations in the genital area, discharge and pain in the lower abdomen, may also manifest itself with yellow or green discharge and bad odor (stale fish smell).

For protection;

– Sea and pools with approved hygiene should be preferred,

– Urinate and shower before entering the pool and after getting out of the water,

– The toilet should be flushed before use and disposable hygienic papers should be placed on the toilet bowl.

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