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Brain cancers on the rise

According to the results of the research published in the journal Nature, it was stated that these deadly tumors integrated themselves into the electrical network of the brain and cut the signals of healthy nerve cells to accelerate their own growth. It has been noted that deadly brain cancers work like vampires to prevent the growth of normal cells.

The reasons for this increase are household appliances such as television, mobile phone, microwave oven, computer, hair dryer, radio, washing machine, dishwasher, oven, electric blanket, iron, refrigerator that emit radiation. between?

One of the doctors of Cevre Hospital, Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist Prof. Dr. Aytaç Akbaşak gave information about brain tumors.

Symptoms vary according to tumor type

Age, radiation and family connection are important in brain tumors. Although brain tumors are more common in adults, it is natural for them to be seen at any age. In fact, some types of brain tumors can be seen especially in childhood. Exposure to radiation, uncontrolled radiation therapy, nuclear accidents or ionizing radiation emitted by nuclear weapons are important factors in the development of brain tumors. There is insufficient evidence that high voltage lines, mobile phones and other types of radiation emitted by household appliances cause brain tumors. It is known that a small portion of brain tumors are inherited. Apart from this, it is known that some brain tumors can be seen together with congenital anomalies of the digestive system, reproductive and urinary tracts, lungs and multiple systems. The signs and symptoms of brain tumors vary according to the size, location, type and growth rate of the tumor.

New onset or previous headaches, sudden nausea and vomiting without explanation, vision problems such as blurred vision, double vision, or narrowing of the field of vision, especially in one half of the body, arm and leg symptoms such as weakness and sensory disorders, balance disorders, memory and perception disorders, personality and behavioral changes, epileptic seizures, seizures especially in adult patients who have not had seizures before, and hearing problems.

Early diagnosis is important

Drawing attention to the importance of early diagnosis for the disease, Prof. Dr. Aytaç Akbaşak said that the success of treatment in brain tumors varies according to the type of tumor, whether it is located in a critical area in the brain and its size. He stated that early diagnosis is important and many methods are used for the treatment of brain tumors. He added that in addition to surgical methods, they also apply methods such as radiation therapy (Radiation), Radiosurgery (radial surgery), Chemotherapy.

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