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Cancer can be cured in seconds

Scientists explained how cancer can be cured in less than 1 second. In a new study, scientists developed a method to treat cancer. However, more research is needed to use this method on patients.

Recovery rates are the same

Center comparative study found that flash therapy reduced side effects by about two-thirds compared to photon radiation therapy came to the conclusion. More importantly, it was found that although the risk of side effects was reduced, the recovery rates of the patients who received the two separate treatments remained almost the same.

Cancer treatment will be completed in 1 second

One of the most important points of this study is that cancer treatment that takes weeks can be reduced to 1 second. According to scientists; Considering that time is extremely valuable to cancer patients, this is an incredible improvement.

The researchers, who said that it was not easy to do this study, explained that they first had to develop special sensors to measure radiation doses accurately. It was stated that more research is needed to use this method on patients.

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