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Chronic disease, learning disability! Danger in school canteens….

Healthy eating habits play a fundamental role in children’s growth and development. Therefore, if children adopt a correct and balanced diet while going to school, it will positively affect their general health.

Nutritionists emphasize that children should pay attention to their daily nutrition. Experts say that breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day and state that children’s breakfast in the morning will strengthen their immune systems and increase their school performance.

A breakfast enriched with foods such as eggs, dairy products, whole grains and fresh fruits allows children to start the day energetically.

Foods that should definitely not be consumed

The contents of lunch boxes are also of great importance. Fast food-style foods, which are frequently served in school canteens, are recommended by experts due to their high fat and sugar content. “Foods that should definitely not be consumed.”is frequently emphasized.

Instead of such foods, healthy sandwiches prepared at home, fresh vegetables and fruits should be in children’s lunchboxes. This provides children with healthy snack options as well as a great learning experience.

Drinking water improves concentration

It is also important to encourage children to drink water. Water should be preferred instead of sugary drinks. Drinking water helps children hydrate their bodies properly and improves their concentration.

Finally, another important factor that positively affects children’s eating habits is the family. Families should set a good example to teach their children healthy eating habits. Families preparing healthy meals at home and educating their children about this provide long-term health benefits.

It is vital to protect them from chronic diseases

As a result, it is vital for children to acquire healthy eating habits, strengthen their immune systems and protect themselves from chronic diseases. Therefore, following the recommendations of nutritionists and paying attention to children’s diet will help them grow and develop healthily.

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