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Conjunctivitis can be a symptom of coronavirus

Every day, new information comes to the fore about the Coronavirus, which surrounds the whole world and is seen in our country as of March 11, 2020. The recognition process of the virus and the reactions it creates in the body are updated with new information. The latest information is that conjunctivitis, known as an eye disease, may be a new symptom of the Coronavirus, which threatens the whole world.

Appears in 1% of patients

Conjunctivitis, defined as an eye disease caused by infection, is the outermost layer of the eye caused by infection. and it is defined as inflammation of the membrane surrounding the inner surface of the eyelids. Conjunctivitis, especially caused by a viral, bacterial or sometimes allergic reaction, is commonly known as conjunctivitis in the community. This disease, which is familiar to the society and not given much importance, has started to be questioned again with the Coronavirus. In studies, it was observed that while symptoms of conjunctivitis eye disease were found in approximately one percent of Covid-19 patients, this conjunctivitis picture was not distinguished from classical conjunctivitis findings.

General manifestations of conjunctivitis; eye redness, swollen and red eyelids, watering in the eyes, itching and burning in the eyes, burr formation, light sensitivity and swelling in the ear area. If conjunctivitis is detected and treated immediately, it does not cause permanent damage to the eye such as vision damage.

Protect your eyes

The virus can infect the conjunctiva in the form of sneezing, sneezing droplet infection, or by contact with this area, that is, the conjunctiva and tears. can pass on to other people. Seiko Optik Turkey Eye Health Consultant Opr. Dr. Özgür Gözpınar, “The eyes have a great impact on the spread of viral infections. Because viral infections enter the body through the mucous membranes. The most important mucous points on the face are the mouth, nose and eyes. In this respect, it is very important to protect the eyes in all viral infections. Especially nowadays While the most obvious findings related to Coronavirus were listed as fever, cough, and difficulty in breathing, conjunctivitis started to come to the fore as a new symptom of Coronavirus. Although it is not a direct symptom, it is very important to raise awareness and protect the eyes in this process. Especially washing hands and avoiding contact with the eyes Our hands are constantly in contact with the eyes or reflexively rubbing the eyes for many reasons such as itching, watering, pain, etc. Nowadays, when we spend most of our time at home, the eyes get tired with the increase in the use of reading and digital devices, and as the eyes get tired, the contact of the hands with the eyes increases. It is important to be” ( says .

Avoid touching your eyes with your hands

Gözpınar, “Precautions are taken with masks for mouth and nose contamination against the virus Glasses will also be relatively protective for the eyes. Our recommendation is for those who do not have eye problems to go out using sunglasses or non-prescription glasses. Contact lens wearers should also be very careful during this process.

Glasses can also be a stimulant for the naturally developing touch and rub reflex. Users can use relaxing or non-prescription glasses, thus reducing the reflex to touch the eyes as a result of watering and fatigue. However, the point to be considered here is the eyes Redness can occur for many different reasons. This alone should not be perceived as a symptom of Coronavirus, and hospitals and clinics should not be flocked to, non-emergency eye examinations should be postponed, and one should not be in hospital environments too long .

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