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Dental treatment with the pleasure of cinema

Dental treatments will now be much more comfortable with virtual reality glasses. Scientists in the UK have proven that wearing virtual reality glasses to people in the dental chair reduces the stress level during dental treatment. In this way, patients do not miss their dentist appointments. According to research published in the Environment and Behavior Journal, this method can be used to overcome the fear of some people who are afraid of going to the doctor because of their dentist phobia. In fact, dental treatments can be completed without sedation and without the need for two people to come to the examination due to sedation.

from the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Health and Human Sciences, Plymount University, England. Sabine Pahi, ”We know that the stress of people entering natural places is reduced. We asked, ‘Is there any benefit in bringing nature into one of the most stressful environments? We did this research by thinking,” he said .

70 volunteers participated in the study

These volunteers were divided into three groups. While nature and the beach were shown to one group and city life to the other group, glasses were not put on the third group. In the research, it was also revealed that people who were shown urban life in virtual reality glasses did not relax as much as others. Sabine Pahi, ”We found that the pain was much lower in patients who felt themselves in nature with virtual reality glasses. The pain level of people watching the city life was almost the same as those who did not use virtual reality glasses.” said.

Dentist Pertev Kökdemir, With ”3D virtual reality glasses, patients find themselves in a completely different environment. Even the patients are not aware of how the treatment is progressing until the end of the treatment, as they do not feel any pain related to the tooth thanks to the local anesthesia we perform.” says.

The treatment ends in a stress-free environment

“Sounds compatible with the image or music from the earphones and the sounds coming from the dental devices are prevented from frightening or disturbing the patient.” Says Kökdemir, ”The most preferred virtual environments by our patients are the music of their favorite artists or the movies they enjoy watching. He stated that they are happy to end the treatment in a stress-free environment by saying, “, before the music or movie that relaxes our patients ends.

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