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Did you know that colors have a direct effect on your appetite?

Summer has arrived, we are all looking for different ways to eat healthy, we start sports and walks are starting to take place more often in our lives… What if we say that the nature that made us do these actions is reviving? We call it losing weight, but wouldn’t it be more correct to make it a lifestyle and call it lightening instead of thinking it is suffering? You can use the power of colors to lighten up, because colors directly affect our appetite. If you want to control your weight by taking inspiration from and benefiting from colors, come to the news…

Make green, the color of health, a philosophy of life!

Almost everyone knows that when you hear the words healthy fit and light, green is evoked. In order to keep your thoughts about healthy eating fresh in your minds; keep your tablecloth, plates and napkin green. Thus, the energy of the green color on your table will direct you to a healthy diet and will enable you to choose vegetables and fruits.

If you can’t stop your appetite, go for dark blue!

On the contrary, blue tones that increase creativity are known to reduce appetite. Include navy blue tones, one of the darker shades of blue, on your table often. Try eating from a dark blue plate, and you will see that you do not enjoy it much.

I want to gain weight! If you say so, turn to orange and red plates

Red color is used in many food and chocolate advertisements because red color directly affects the subconscious and creates an urge to get hungry. Orange symbolizes taste. These colors, which are frequently preferred by fast food brands, are number one in appetizing.

Bonus info!

If you want to eat healthier, include many colors on your table. Consuming 5 color foods in a day reflects positively on the body. It is known that the secret of long life of the Japanese is the fact that there are foods inspired by the colors of the rainbow on the tables and the portions are caused by the presentations consisting of smaller slices but in large numbers. You can apply this tactic and live a healthier life by first feeding your eyes and then your stomach.

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