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Don’t just rely on mouthwash

Dentist Pertev Kökdemir said that herbs such as parsley, mint, ginger and cinnamon that will be consumed at sahur and iftar can prevent bad breath and made recommendations:

“If teeth are not brushed after iftar or sahur, food residues can cause bad breath. In the mouth that is not cleaned for a long time, gingivitis starts and this inflammation causes odor. After iftar and sahur, the teeth should be brushed for at least two to three minutes to remove food residues. Afterwards, dental floss and mouthwash should be used.

1 glass of milk reduces odor

In addition, herbs can be used to prevent bad breath: Parsley, mint, ginger, dill , sage, cinnamon, green tea, eucalyptus, cardamom, coriander are also good for mouth odor. Drinking a glass of cold milk also reduces odor.

“Don’t just rely on mouthwash”

Mouthwashes containing alcohol increase dry mouth even more. It is extremely wrong to try to remove the plaque on the teeth with mouthwash only, not brushing the teeth. When trying to eliminate bad breath, more bad breath is caused. Rinsing the mouth during the day, provided that you do not swallow water while fasting, also reduces bacteria and bad breath.”

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