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Don’t let fear and anxiety rule you

Yeditepe University Kozyatağı Hospital Mental Health and Diseases Specialist Assoc. Dr. Naz Berfu Akbaş said that in the epidemic, besides the physical treatments, the psychological state should not be forgotten.

Here is Assoc. Dr. Recommendations for psychology management during the epidemic from Akbaş.

Don’t make important decisions

Every person reacts differently to stress. Some people may think that ‘nothing will happen to me’ by activating the denial mechanism in situations of stress.

First of all, we are all responsible for the health of other people, such thoughts and attitudes will put both ourselves and those around us at risk, so we must strictly follow the warnings and precautions.

Another reaction seen in people during stress is the transformation of anxiety into fear and panic. The shopping spree is a result of this panic. Such people become unable to control their thoughts and behaviors, they may begin to exhibit selfish, ignoring the needs of others, impulsive and aggressive behaviors. Overstocking is an example of these behaviors. The fear of people who shop wildly in the markets can easily pass on to you.

You only need to stock up for 2 weeks during pandemic periods, this will not put both service providers and those who really need it in a difficult situation. At the same time, the probability of making wrong decisions increases in such periods of uncertainty and anxiety. Therefore, not making important decisions is actually the best option.

We should try to control ourselves better, knowing that these people are more stressed than us, especially in environments such as markets, health institutions, and pharmacies where their employees are at high risk. As a society, we should be more tolerant and understanding, for example, we should try to warn people who have misbehaved in an appropriate language without escalating tensions.

Beware if you have these symptoms

Symptoms such as insomnia, restlessness, palpitations, shortness of breath, dizziness, nausea, difficulty concentrating It can occur when anxiety is excessive. In such cases, psychiatric help may be required. Individuals who were previously diagnosed with OCD (Obsession-Compulsive Disorder), Hypochondriasis (Illness Disease), and generalized anxiety disorder are likely to worsen their psychological status during such periods. These people should also consult their doctor and take precautions.

A lot of dirty information is spreading very quickly on social media. More than half of these lead people to greater anxieties and despair. This situation makes it difficult to manage the epidemic. It is a good method to not only explain the numbers of sick and deceased people, but also to give the numbers of individuals who recovered. Reducing the time spent on social media and following reliable sources will be another important step in managing the psychology of the pandemic.

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