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Don’t underestimate hand tremor

Stress, excitement, excessive caffeine intake, physical fatigue increase hand tremor, and sometimes serious diseases can trigger this situation, Medicana Samsun Hospital Neurology Specialist Dr. Didem Er made important statements about hand tremor. Emphasizing that it may be the first sign of serious neurological diseases, Dr. Didem Er warned that tremor, which is defined as an involuntary, rhythmic, rocking joint movement, can be seen not only in the hands, but also in the arms, head, legs and vocal cords. He pointed out that there may be a much more serious neurological problem such as Parkinson’s under the tremor in the hands, which can occur under intense stress or due to the increase in thyroid hormone.

Tremor is most commonly seen in the hands

Tremor is the movements that occur as a result of involuntary rhythmic contraction and relaxation of the muscles in a part of the body. Didem Er, “The most common tremor in the hands can be seen in normal people, which we can call healthy, and it is not noticed unless it becomes clear. Some situations such as stress, heavy tea and coffee drinking, hunger, fatigue, and sudden anger can make tremors noticeable. When this factor is removed, the person can return to their previous state. There are different factors under the tremor in the hands. Essential tremor, this condition that usually starts in both hands, is shown as the most common type of tremor and is described as the most common motion sickness in the world with a frequency of 350 per 100 thousand. Patients state that tremors usually disappear during sleep, but increase under stress.Parkinson’s tremor, pankinson’s has This tremor, which is the characteristic symptom of the fever, usually starts in one hand. After the age of 60-65, the risk of occurrence increases. The patient’s thumb and index finger are trembling together. This tremor, which is similar to counting money, mostly occurs during rest. Cerebellar (related to the cerebellum) tremor: The main factor in experiencing this type of tremor is vascular, tumoral, degenerative or hereditary diseases affecting the cerebellum. Patients report that trembling becomes evident when they perform a voluntary movement in daily life, such as pressing the elevator or light switch. Positional tremor, This tremor, which can occur with movement while resting or in a certain posture of the body, is not only limited to the hands, but can occur in different parts of the body. This type of tremor, which becomes visible in situations such as physiological tremor, stress, fear, distress, hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, alcohol withdrawal and fever, can occur in everyone. The oscillation of the tremor is experienced small, like the back and forth movement of the finger. It is not very big” .

Diseases and treatment options

Didem Er, , gave information about the treatment of hand tremor. Other neurological diseases, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebellum and the destruction of the brain are progressive diseases.In addition, in cases where nerve fibers scattered throughout the body are damaged, some spinal cord diseases may also cause tremor in the hands.Asthma medications, stimulants such as amphetamines, psychiatric diseases

While tremor that starts as a side effect of any drug can be corrected by adjusting the dosage or stopping its use, the diagnosis of Parkinson’s The direction of treatment is determined accordingly for the patients who are diagnosed with tremor. it is being used. On the other hand, if the tremor is due to stress, it is important to inform the patient about psychological support and stress management. In tremor caused by metabolic disorders, the elimination of the problem ensures that the tremor also disappears. In some selected cases, surgical methods can also be applied” .

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