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Experts explained! Online dieting hits young people too

Recently, young people who emulate the lives and appearances of celebrities on social media resort to unhealthy diets on the internet just to be like them. Experts warn about these methods, which are used for those who want to lose weight fast. According to studies, unconscious diet in adolescence causes permanent health problems.

With the pandemic, which has been affecting the whole world for about 2 years, the duration of stay at home has increased. Young people staying at home became more addicted to the screen. As a result, young people started to lose their weight with “super diet lists” , which they found on the internet . Experts say that “dangerous slimming formulas” , which have been circulating extensively on social media lately , threaten the health of young people, and warn young people in their development period not to diet unconsciously.


Dietitian Burak Hançer , who draws attention to the fact that the age of dieting is decreasing due to the decrease in the age of obesity due to malnutrition and inactivity. “Adolescence is a period in which the physical characteristics of people change rapidly and body image gains importance. Especially girls, due to the changes in their body shapes, tend to diet unconsciously by comparing themselves with their friends and people who are shown as an example in the media. In this period, adolescents seek to lose weight. it can apply to extreme and extreme applications “.


Saying that popular diets with rapid weight loss cause permanent health problems and invite diseases in young people in their developmental period, Hançer ” In young people with insufficient and unbalanced nutrition, height growth slows down and even stops. Inadequacy in growth, development, muscle and bone development occurs. Goiter due to iodine deficiency, anemia due to iron deficiency, especially in girls. Sometimes, very dangerous anorexia nervosa, which can lead to death. and eating disorders called bulimia nervosa are seen” .

Wrong diets made on the internet


, no matter what age, your diet must be Reminding that it should be done with the support of an expert, Dyt. Hançer warned parents that they should take their children’s desire to diet seriously and guide them in the right way. Dyt stated that the most common wrong practices among young people are being hungry and skipping meals. Dagger “The thought of “the faster I am hungry, the faster I lose weight” is very common among adolescents. Fasting diets cause the person’s nutrition to be far below the daily needs, fatigue, various vitamin-mineral deficiencies, and problems focusing. “The diet should meet the daily needs of the person, offer a regular meal balance, and not cause painful hunger. It is the best practice to start the day with a breakfast and to have at least one, preferably two more main meals” .

DO NOT Skip Dinner

One of the most important mistakes made in the diet is to think that all of the things eaten late in the evening are stored as fat, and to completely exclude the evening meal from the diet. Burak Hançer said, “Removing the evening meal completely from the diet causes eating attacks that occur at night. This increases weight gain even more. In addition, long hungers cause fatigue, sleep disorders, and metabolism weakening. “It should meet their daily needs, offer a regular meal balance, not cause painful hunger. It is the best practice to start the day with a breakfast and to have at least one, preferably two more main meals.” .


Popular or one-way diets that are frequently seen on social media and on the internet also attract the attention of young people. Explaining that these diets are highly preferred with the idea that they will get results quickly, Dyt said. Burak Hançer says that one-way diets, which come up with names such as pumpkin detox, potato diet, orange diet, keep adolescents away from adequate and balanced nutrition. dit. Hançer reminds that people who are in the growth and development phase should consume adequate amounts of all food groups in a balanced way.

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