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Experts warned: Children’s being late for school and homework rush is rotting teeth!

Explaining that there are changes in the oral and dental care of children with the opening of schools, experts stated that oral and dental care is disrupted and caries appear in most of the children. While warning the families, it was stated that controlling the care of the children is important for their health.

With the new academic year, children started school. Students who are accustomed to waking up late and going to bed late during this period are late for school or avoid doing personal care due to the rush of homework. Experts, while mentioning the importance of children’s oral and dental health, stated that children do not pay attention to their care in this homework and school rush. Dentists, who faced a lot of caries problems, also underlined that the consequences of interrupting the habit of tooth brushing are painful.


Explaining that families should take precautions at the beginning of the academic year, experts stated that oral care should be checked until this becomes a habit. He stated that filling procedures are applied in the decay of milk teeth, which are very sensitive in this process, before they begin to erupt, and intensive root canal treatment is used in children with erupted teeth.


Experts stated that it is necessary to brush especially in the morning to remove the bacteria from the night, and it is mandatory to brush before going to bed to get rid of the bacteria that remain in the mouth throughout the day. If there is a problem in terms of hygiene, the experts who recommend gargling, stated that they also demanded that the teachers be informative on this issue.


In addition, the Dental Association stated that healthier and more well-groomed teeth affect every food that enters the body, and underlined that routine controls should not be interrupted. Stating that routine check-ups have decreased after the pandemic, experts stated that dental problems are on the rise and almost every child who comes is at the last level. While it was explained that the teeth remain in the body for a lifetime, it was announced that they are one of the most important and should be considered.

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