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Focus on positive thoughts

Stating that the feeling of being closed at home and the anxiety experienced can also bring conflicts between family members, Altınbaş University Sociology Department Lecturer Dr. Fatoş Altınbaş, “Creating separate spaces, division of labor and respecting the private time of the other person reduces conflicts if possible. It may be beneficial for the continuation of the relationship for couples who cannot be together much in the hustle and bustle of modern life, to see this period as an opportunity to spend time together.

Dr. Fatoş Altınbaş, who also warned, “This point is as important as the economic and social problems caused by the coronavirus. It is necessary to pay attention to self-care at home, to exercise, to take care of our hobbies, to spend our time productively and not to listen to the news of the epidemic, and to focus on positive thoughts” .

“We have to give social reactions”

Stating that the elderly should spend this period resting in maximum isolation due to high risk, Dr. Altınbaş said, ” Unfortunately, I have seen videos mocking people who have aged too much on social media. We must react socially to these behaviors that hurt the social conscience. We are going through times when our aged family members need our love and respect the most”

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