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Foods that thyroid patients should avoid

Insufficient functioning of the thyroid glands also negatively affects nutrition and sleep patterns.

Foods that many people struggling with the disease should avoid, reduce thyroid hormones when consumed.

Here are the foods to avoid.

Broccoli- Cabbage, which contains a substance known as goitrogen, causes difficulty in iodine absorption. Goitrogens lose their properties when vegetables are cooked. Therefore, vegetables should be consumed by steaming.

Sugar- When foods to be avoided are consumed, there may be a constant problem with glucose levels and problems may arise over time, which will create insulin resistance. Patients should completely eliminate sugar from their diets. Experts don’t even recommend organic sweeteners used instead of sugar.

Processed meat- Processed meats are one of the enemies of thyroid health. These meats can cause hypothyroidism.

Radish- Radish, which causes the thyroid to work less in addition to goiter, does not pose a problem for people who have a normal and balanced diet. Experts state that radish causes iodine entering the body to be retained by the thyroid gland.

Sugary fruits – Although small amounts of them do not pose a high risk, it is best to avoid eating fruits with high sugar. Sugary fruits that experts want to avoid are as follows: Peach, pineapple, mango, strawberry, apple, banana.



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