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Foods to avoid for dental health

Bagcilar Hospitadent Dental Hospital Chief Physician Oguz Kara, stated that we need to floss and go to the dentist at regular intervals, “However, we also need to know which foods cause damage to our teeth. “ said

Healthy teeth, beautiful smiles

Bagcilar Hospitadent Dental Hospital Chief Physician Dt. Oğuz Kara, healthy explained 10 harmful foods and drinks to avoid in order to have a smile.

(980070) 1) – Smoking: It damages teeth and gums, causes bad breath.

– Alcohol: Saliva is our first defense to reduce the effect of plaque and acid in our mouth. Therefore, anything that causes dry mouth is harmful to the tooth. Alcohol is also a drink that should not be used as it will cause dry mouth.

– Fruit Juices: Foods with a pH of less than 7 damage the teeth. Since its pH is 2,5, fruit juices are also harmful to the teeth

– Lemon: It is harmful for teeth because its pH is 2.

– Coke: It is one of the most harmful drinks. Because it contains both phosphoric acid, sugar and citric acid.

– Energy drink: They are harmful for teeth because they contain citric acid and sugar.

– Sticky foods (Turkish delight, jelly bon etc.): It is more harmful than sweet confectionery. Because they give more sugar and also contain citric acid.

– Dried Fruit: Dried fruits contain carbohydrates. At the same time, dried fruits stay in the mouth longer due to their stickiness. Eating dried fruit constantly and not brushing your teeth will cause your teeth to rot.

– Ice: Chewing ice is not a good idea. Ice is very hard. If you have old large fillings, you can easily break your teeth when you eat ice. The cold can also cause your teeth to dazzle.

– White Bread: Amylose enzyme found in saliva is the enzyme that converts carbohydrates into sugar. But what makes sugar harmful is that bacteria in the mouth eat the sugar and produce acid. If there is no plaque in the mouth, there is nothing that will turn sugar into acid and cause tooth decay.

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