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From Nilay Keçeci: Get rid of the body in five items! How is the payment paid? 5 ways to get paid fast

Edema, which is more common in women due to many different reasons, is a common problem caused by fluid accumulation in the body. Edema can be experienced due to many reasons such as malnutrition, menstrual period, drinking less water, magnesium deficiency, excessive carbohydrate consumption, and abundant salty diet. So, how can we get rid of this edema? Expert Dietitian Nilay Keçeci Arpacı explains ways to remove edema from the body

Some methods are being researched to get rid of the excesses and edema that accumulate in everyone’s body just after the summer period. There are foods that help eliminate edema from the body. It is possible to see the effect when these foods are consumed regularly and in moderation. Specialist Dietitian Nilay Keçeci Arpacı talked about what needs to be done about “eliminate edema from the body in 5 items”.

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Reasons to pay…

Edema, which occurs with the accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues; They are swellings that can be observed intracellularly or extracellularly, occur in some cases physiologically and sometimes with diseases, and are generally observed in the hands, feet, abdomen and face areas. Malnutrition, menstruation, drinking less water, magnesium deficiency, excessive carbohydrate consumption, salty diet, less movement, lack of exercise can be counted among the main factors of edema. Of course, sometimes edema can be seen as a result of some diseases. There are also edema situations that can be caused by diseases such as gout and cirrhosis. These need to be evaluated separately. Sometimes, car, plane, bus travels can also cause payment in the person.

Which foods help to get rid of edema?

Removing edema from the body can be for a few hours, sometimes for a few days, or if you are pregnant, maybe after delivery. In short, the answer to this question may differ from person to person. For this reason, some foods that help to eliminate edema can be supported. Of course, the most effective first step to get rid of edema is to consume plenty of water. Pineapple and cherry juices squeezed at home can also help you get rid of edema. Crushed strawberry jelly is also a good anti-edema food. Drinking hot or cold green tea regularly also helps to get rid of edema.

What can we do for menstrual edema?

Menstrual edema is sometimes a simple problem, but for some women it can turn into a serious problem that affects their daily life. If you have edema problem during menstrual period; Try to drink more water than you normally drink these days. If you do not have an important problem such as blood pressure, you can drink it by mixing soda and lemon every day. Increase your daily amount of movement and add simple walking exercises to your activities.

how to get paid in summer

Pregnancy edema and things to watch out for…

During pregnancy, women often experience edema. But during this period, there is nothing to be done other than to recommend walking and drinking plenty of water. If they are not bothered by the taste, they can add 1-2 cloves to their water. Never use herbal teas or anything on recommendation. Communicate with your doctor. Remember, this is a temporary period and your edema will go away after delivery.

Desk workers and those with payment problems

Especially those who work hard at the desk often have edema problems. If there is depth in these areas when you touch your hands or feet during the day, if you have an increasing weight value despite following a good diet program, if you cannot fit into the same clothes every 2 days, there is a high probability of edema in your body. Get up frequently for water to ease the problem of edema. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. In short, move more often during your desk job. Put support under your feet while working at a desk. Avoid unhealthy snacks during the day. You can consume pineapple as a snack. Limit salt consumption strictly, if possible, do not add extra salt to your meals. If you do not have any important health problems, you can get support from herbal teas. Plants such as cherry stalk, clove, corn silk and chamomile can also help relieve edema.

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