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General anesthesia solution for fear of the dentist

Early diagnosis is of great importance in oral and dental health, as in all diseases. The sooner dental treatments are started, the easier and more successful the procedures are for the patient. Oral and Dental Health Specialist Dt. Hakkı Emre Harbalıoğlu drew attention to the fact that the treatments, which were postponed due to the fear of the dentist and would be completed in a short time, could end with tooth loss due to the loss of time in applying to the doctor. Dt. Hakkı Harbalıoğlu warned that “If a tooth that can be saved with a simple filling progresses, it requires root canal treatment or ends with extraction.”

Caries damage to the body of the tooth

Underlining that dental caries adversely affect not only oral and dental health, but also general health, sleep patterns and psychology, Dt. Emre Harbalıoğlu said that dental treatments under general anesthesia, as well as medical necessity,

Dt. Harbalıoğlu explained the dental treatment process under general anesthesia as follows: “Some examinations are requested from our patient before surgery. Conditions such as systemic disease and allergies are also presented to our anesthesiologist. The procedure is performed after the anesthesiologist approves. After the treatment, the patient is discharged during the day. In some cases, hospitalization may be required. However, the person usually returns to their normal life very quickly after their treatment.”

Comfortable treatment without pain

Stating that all dental treatments can be done with general anesthesia, Dt. Harbalıoğlu, “It is possible to perform all procedures, including aesthetic fillings, prostheses and even implants. Our patients are treated comfortably without feeling any pain. In addition, since many procedures can be performed in a single session, it is a time-saving and stress-reducing method for patients. It is an application. The duration of the procedure varies between 1-3 hours depending on the procedures to be performed” , he said

All procedures can be performed in a single session with general anesthesia in children

Pointing out that dental treatment with general anesthesia can also be applied to children, Dt. Emre Harbalıoğlu, “When dental treatment in children cannot be performed in the outpatient setting, it can be performed under general anesthesia. This alternative is advantageous both in terms of the child’s psychology and in terms of preventing the problems in his teeth. When the procedure is performed under general anesthesia, all procedures are completed in a single session and results are obtained quickly. In dental treatments, it is ensured that the problems of intervention in the early period are resolved before they progress, and that children complete their dental development without experiencing a troubled period in this process” .

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