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Hand hygiene is important to prevent the virus

Saying that ‘Coronavirus’ is actually a virus that concerns animals and causes disease among animals, Uzm. Dr. Görkem Astarcıoğlu pointed out that this virus has changed shape and started to pass from animals to humans as a result of the wrong struggles of society with nature over the years.

Coronavirus is an RNA virus with genetic material. In 2003, a severe respiratory infection and a sars epidemic caused 600-700 deaths at that time. In 2012, a mercury epidemic emerged in the Middle East. All of these are caused by different types of ‘Coronavirus’. We are now facing a new ‘Coronavirus’.

It is not known which animal this one came from, but there was a market in China in the last days of December. This virus was seen one after the other in the staff working in this market, where both seafood and illegal wild animals are sold. Then, when this disease appeared in the health personnel who took care of these people while they were being treated in the hospital, we saw that the virus gained the feature of circulating not from animal to human but also between people, and this prompted the World Health Organization.

First of all, healthy eating

The Ministry of Health has not yet announced a case in Turkey. However, when we encounter a suspicious case, we are asked to report it. I especially recommend that children take the necessary precautions to protect them from many viruses like this. It’s all about eating healthy.

If you eat healthy and keep your immune system at a healthy pace, you will prevent all kinds of viruses to a great extent. For this, hand hygiene is very important. During periods of runny nose and sneezing, it is important to take a tissue in our hand and put it in front of our mouth when sneezing. If we do not have a handkerchief, we can cover our mouth with the inside of our arm or elbow. It is very important that we do not come into contact with people we know are sick.

We should wash hands after contact with animals outside or anywhere, and we should not come into unprotected contact with farm animals. We should cook the eggs and meat we eat well. In fact, the precautions to be taken in all viral infections are similar. This is on the agenda because ‘coronavirus’ is popular.

Wear a new mask every 2 hours

Masks are barriers that prevent us from infecting the disease with droplets. But we also sometimes use masks incorrectly. There is no protection from walking around with the same mask from morning to night. If we have the flu ourselves, we should replace it with a new mask every 2 hours in order not to spread it around. But in order not to get the microbe from the outside, we should pay attention to situations such as not going into the crowd, not coming into contact with people who are sick.

Wear a mask to go into the crowd if you have to, but hand hygiene is always more important. I know that mask manufacturers cannot produce masks at the moment. There is also a demand for masks from China. Because they are accustomed to using masks because of air pollution. You should put the mask on your face so that your mouth and nose are inside, and tighten the clip on your nose. There are professional and dustproof masks. But not everyone can find them. Simple, rubberized masks also have wire to fit your nose.

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